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Tending to heart patients at home- tele ECG the novel concept

The basic diagnostic tool for heart attack patients is an Electro cardiogram. ECG detects that patient has suffered a heart attack or not besides this it is very useful tool for surveillance following heart attack, coronary bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty. ECG also detects heart rhythm problems as well. A novel concept of Tele-ECG has been developed by Telemedicine centre of Nanavati Hospital Mumbai. In this concept a portable ECG recorder device records full 12 lead ECG at patient’s home and machine transmits ECG over phone line to head server at BNH where it is immediately printed for doctors to see and give opinion . This ECG can also be transmitted through mobile service to doctor’s mobile phone also. This facility was launched by Telemedicine centre on March 18,2010. Informing more about this facility noted heart surgeon and head of department of Telemedicine Dr. Pavan Kumar said that this is a first time such indigenous device has been developed in India. His department did trial and field testing for six months last year before perfecting it and readying for public. He further informed that this machine is far better less expansive than foreign counter parts as it records full 12 lead ECG & signal transmission is through phone line .

The ECG on mobile concept is probably first of its kind in India and software application is totally developed by our home grown technology engineers. With this technology ECG will be seen on doctors mobile immediately, who can give opinion immediately. Importance of such technology advancement and its inclusion in health sector is most welcome as our country faces epidemic of heart attack disease which is now no 2 killer disease in our country . Amalgamation of Information technology this via telemedicine will have far reaching impact in matters of heart health of Indians. Diagnosing heart attacks by basic ECG and initiating early treatment will save many precious lives in time.

With launch of this Tele-ECG and ECG on Mobile facility by Telemedicine centre of Nanavati Hospital Heart disease patients of Mumbai will have another new platform for quick diagnosis and solution by getting ECG taken at their homes or wherever for their heart problem.  Elaborating further on importance of this technology Dr. Pavan Kumar [HOD- TM ]said that wiled spread use of such devices and centre in different hospitals will definitely reduce response time of diagnosing, transporting and treating a heart attack patient in golden hour after heart attack. Similarly many silent heart rhythm disorders can be diagnosed and treated or post angioplasty or post heart attack complications can also be diagnosed and treated in time thus saving lives.

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