Siemens Healthcare introduces unique technology in cancer detection

The incidence of breast cancer taking toll of the female population of India is increasing with each passing day. These are due to several reasons from lack of awareness to untimely diagnosis for these high incidences. Thus to address the issue of early diagnosis of breast cancer, Siemens Healthcare has introduced a unique technology called Breast Elasticity. By a software called eSie TouchTM, the breast elasticity technique can be used to supplement regular ultrasound examinations to differentiate the relative stiffness of tissue. Harder tissues are usually malignant and softer one’s benign. Breast elasticity imaging is available with ACUSON Antares, a premium ultrasound system by Siemens. The combination of high image quality by Antares with eSie TouchTM elasticity imaging provides the physician with higher diagnostic confidence for breast examination. Elasticity imaging also helps to image dense breast lesions that can get missed out in a mammography scan, which is a gold standard method of detecting tumours in a breast. The technique is relatively easy, wherein most cases, the heart beat and even breathing of the patient creates sufficient strain to generate an elastogram. Imaging of breast using the elasticity technique thus offers a huge potential to improve patient care. It helps the physicians by allowing early diagnosis and being a non-invasive technique, it helps the patients face less trauma and makes the process cost-effective and time saving for them.


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