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Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Extreme Networks provides network infrastructure equipment for corporate, government, education, healthcare enterprises, and metropolitan telecommunications service providers. Reynold O. Bryan, Jr., the Global Healthcare Segment Leader gives us an overview of Extreme Networks’ offering for healthcare industry.

Q. Healthcare is known to be a unique sector whose needs, demands and dynamics are different in many ways compared to other industries. What is your perception in this regard?

A. Healthcare is unique because of the nature of its core business of providing quality patient care, medication and related services to people of every age, race and gender, who are either sick presently or with a view to maintaining their health for the future. These services are mission-critical towards maintaining a person’s well being. Healthcare in the United States and other Western European countries is also highly regulated, requiring accreditation standards that can ensure patient safety and privacy. The healthcare industry is also rapidly changing from an industry where services were provided in a specific location, such as a hospital to now having expanded its reach significantly for patient care to be provided in several differing locations, including the physician’s office, ambulatory surgical suite, and various outpatient settings or even via remote mobile vehicles.

Q. How does Extreme Networks take care of the typicality and challenges of this industry? What range of products and solutions are you currently offering for the healthcare industry?

A. Extreme Networks provides Ethernet networking solutions, which serve as the foundation to supporting all applications and services crucial to the delivery of healthcare. Extreme Networks’ solutions provide converged wired and wireless Ethernet that are the backbone for these mission-critical healthcare applications and medical devices on a 24/7/365 basis. Extreme Networks also provides integrated network security solutions to further manage and protect information, to help meet mandatory regulatory requirements within healthcare environments. Extreme Networks’ security solutions provide integrated security features in its switching solutions to prevent QoS attacks and mitigates viruses, spamming and hacker attacks to increase network reliability.

Q. With ever increasing costs, competition and disease complexity, healthcare providers are looking for even more intelligent and economical IT systems. What is your value-proposition for the industry in this regard?

A. Extreme Networks healthcare customers choose our network solutions because they provide a better price/performance ratio while lowering daily operational expenses. Extreme Networks’ solutions work to simplify the network architecture and make day-to-day management seamless, thus allowing the healthcare IT staff to implement and deploy solutions while reducing the amount of resources necessary to manage and maintain their networks. Additionally, Extreme Networks often lowers the overall power consumption by 30% – 40% compared to solutions from its major competitors, as illustrated through independent research analysis. 

Q. Emerging markets like India are currently witnessing faster maturity among healthcare providers towards adoption of IT driven systems and sophisticated technology applications. How do you foresee opportunities in such markets and what are your strategies to expand business in these markets?

A. Extreme Networks provides wired and wireless LAN networking solutions to emerging markets including India and other countries globally – countries experiencing faster maturity towards IT and Internet adoption. Extreme Networks partners are providing solutions in the areas of unified communications, VoIP, RTLS, RFI, flexible and mobile computing platforms and other leading technologies in the healthcare market. Extreme Networks strategy is to continue to increase and expand our partner eco-systems with applications, technology and medical device companies that are committed to developing solutions to improve patient care and safety.    

“Extreme Networks’ security solutions provide integrated security features in its switching solutions to prevent QoS attacks and mitigates viruses, spamming and hacker attacks to increase network reliability.”

Q. In what ways does Extreme Networks enjoy a leading edge over its competitors? What has been your standing in western healthcare markets?

A. Extreme Networks enjoys a leading edge over its competitors by providing a uniform, end-to end network solution platform through its singular ExtremeXOS® modular Operating System (OS). This powerful OS foundation helps to lower operational expenses and provide consistent features for its Ethernet switches promoting resiliency, security and automation of common tasks. Extreme Networks provides converged networking solutions for various western healthcare organisations as well as global customers who are leading the movement of IT and converged communications adoption throughout hospital facilities and related healthcare organisations. Extreme Networks is viewed as a visionary company in the converged networking arena with innovative approaches to help reduce hidden networking costs. This is in contrast to the practices of some LAN vendors, that work to shift expenses away from licensing fees into areas of device upgrades, maintenance services and support.

Q. Which are your most successful implementations sites globally so far? Can you share some of the high points of testimonials/feedback received from your customers?

A. John C. Lincoln Hospital, in Arizona, Hospital Authority in Hong Kong, St. Johannes Hospital in Germany, CH Valenciennes in France, Nuffield Hospitals and Basildon-Thurrock Hospital in the U.K are some of the most successful implementation sites for Extreme Networks globally.

A common testimonial that we receive as direct feedback from our customers who have adopted our network solutions and migrated away from other vendors’ networking solutions’ platforms is that Extreme Networks provides a networking solutions platform that is “easier to design, implement, deploy and maintain while also providing improved flexibility, scalability and mobility to meet the increasing demands of providing quality patient care in remote locations.” Extreme Networks offers networks that can be relied on for maximising network performance and business resiliency, opening up IT to adopt required networked applications. Our Ethernet LAN switches are one of the most power-efficient.   


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