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CompuMed previews telecardiology EMR

Medical informatics company CompuMed has previewed its new CompuBRIDGE telecardiology electronic medical records (EMR) solution. The CompuBRIDGE EMR is designed to capture and integrate electrocardiogram (ECG) results and over-reads into an existing EMR system. Integration does not require additional software, hardware or specialised servers. For facilities without a general EMR system, CompuMed offers hosted solutions that provide access to ECG data via any Internet enabled computer. CompuMed expects to release its CompuBRIDGE EMR system after testing with beta customers. “CompuBRIDGE EMR is part of our strategy to help healthcare providers implement an integrated digital information solution,” said CompuMed CEO Maurizio Vecchione. “We use a standards-based architecture for ease of integration and optimal interoperability. It allows our clients to automatically integrate ECGs and over-reads with most EMR systems.” CompuBRIDGE EMR will provide users of CompuMed’s telecardiology services with the ability to data mine patient records and electronically transfer those records to their own EMR systems, such as patient administrative systems, electronic practice management and laboratory information systems. Development of the CompuBRIDGE EMR benefited from CompuMed’s experience as one of the leading providers of remote ECG services for the correctional facility market. Over the past decade, the company’s flagship CardioGram system has become the telecardiology solution of choice for a significant number of the state correctional prison systems across the US. “Nowhere is the challenge of providing quality healthcare more complex than in a correctional facility,” added Vecchione. “Electronic medical records have been shown to have an impact on the safety, effectiveness and cost of healthcare by having the right information at the right place at the right time. CompuBRIDGE, built with the experience of our correctional industry success, can help correctional healthcare customers as well as any other healthcare providers who use ECGs extensively transition into integrated digital medical records.”

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