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George Paul

“HCL foresees itself as the IT partner of hospitals so that they can focus on their core activity of efficient patient care.”

What is the range and diversity of IT services/solutions that HCL Infosystems is offering for healthcare institutions?

How are these services/solutions aligned for catering to varying needs for different players in the healthcare industry?

The future belongs to ‘convergence’. The last decade witnessed emergence of technologies that converge voice, video and data. Many of the applications that use such technologies have revolutionised the way we do business at present. In the next decade, we are expecting to see such applications and technologies getting into healthcare services, and bringing real benefits in care delivery to patients. HCL with its specialty in multi-technology areas like – communication, imaging, storage, computing, printing etc. is using this know-how to deliver high performance solutions for the industry.

“With the entry of corporate hospitals and insurance companies, the way of healthcare delivery is changing and IT adoption is on the rise.”

HCL Infosystems Ltd. is one of the largest ‘System Integrators’ in the country. We have been working in the healthcare sector for a long time and in order to consolidate our expertise in this industry, last year, we created a separate vertical called the ‘SI Healthcare’ to address the ICT needs of hospitals and other healthcare players in the country.

The solutions which HCL can offer would include – Hospital Information Systems, PACS, Telemedicine, Consultancy for Business Process Improvement (eg. Datacenter creation and maintenance), Facilities Management, RFID based solution for patient and equipment tracking, Energy Audit and consultancy for efficient use of power in the hospitals, Building Management Solutions, Information Display Solutions, Telecom Solutions, Network Creation, Maintenance & Monitoring etc.

HCL foresees itself as the IT partner of hospitals so that they can focus on their core activity of efficient patient care. We would be also focusing on consultancy services for hospitals to help them identify right medical equipment and devices. In addition, we can also help them with supply and maintenance of equipment using our capabilities and reach across the country.

What are the core areas of expertise for HCL Infosystems in system integration (SI) services?

What technology standards and certifications do you adhere to in providing these services?

Our core areas of SI services are as mentioned previously. We can meet all possible ICT requirements for hospitals and healthcare institutions. We have our core expertise in Hardware, Networking, Internet connectivity etc. Apart from these core areas, we have tied up with best-of-breed healthcare solutions in the market, and can offer hospitals complete integrated solutions and consultancy services. We have a good pool of in-house resources for this, and in future we plan to expand our resource base for this vertical. HCL Infosystems Ltd. is an ISO 9000 organisation and we practice best of internationally acclaimed standards in each of our business verticals.

Healthcare industry had been a rather ‘slow-taker’ of technology. What do you think are the primary reasons behind this trend?

I feel that this is primarily due to the traditional way our healthcare system has been working over the years. But with the entry of corporate hospitals and insurance companies, the way of healthcare delivery is changing and IT adoption is on the rise. We feel that the healthcare sector is poised to adopt IT in a big manner in future.

How do you foresee the growth of healthcare IT market in both short and long term?

The healthcare IT market is already happening in the short term and is poised for a giant leap in the long term. The healthcare industry now realises that IT is an enabler for them to provide good patient care at affordable rates.

There is a huge shortage of beds in the country to meet the healthcare needs of the current population. As both government and private sector are jointly working towards creating the infrastructure to meet the growing healthcare needs, we see that there is a big market for healthcare IT in the near and long term future. Latest research estimates Indian healthcare IT market to reach nearly US$ 3 billion by 2010, growing at a CAGR of 22%.

Currently, what is the annual revenue earning of HCL Infosystems from the healthcare business vertical?

What market share do you expect to capture in next 3-5 years?

I will not be able to comment on the revenues specifically from healthcare business vertical. As per the company policy, segment wise revenue figures are not available in public domain.

Presently, who are your major clients from the healthcare industry in India?

We have government organisations as our clients.

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