Novel multi-user HealthHUB for groups of patients unveiled

Docobo, the leading UK manufacturer of telehealth solutions that enables the remote monitoring of patients with long term health conditions such as asthma, COPD, heart disease and hypertension, has unveiled a multi-user version of its HealthHUB portable home monitor. It means that two or more patients can now utilise one device. With Prime Minister Gordon Brown pledging to offer telehealth services to 100,000 patients, the new HealthHUB is another step by Docobo to bring the benefits of telehealth to people with long term conditions and their carers. Docobo’s widely used HealthHUB enables patients to record vital signs, symptoms, lifestyle and quality of life measures around the clock from any location. This information is then securely transferred to the doc@HOME clinical database that is accessed by clinicians using a standard secure web browser providing a presentation of the patient’s health diary and alert indicators. The introduction of a multi-user device is part of Docobo’s long term strategy to develop and produce telehealth technologies that are highly sophisticated yet easy to use. “It became clear to us that there are clusters of patients, either within the home or where patients are being treated such as in residential homes, who could share a single HealthHUB with multiple log-ins,” says Adrian Flowerday, Managing Director of Docobo. “Each patient will still have their own unique pre-recorded settings and each will have their own tests monitored and analysed. The benefit to clinicians is that they needn’t have several devices if one will suffice. These multi-patient systems are ideal for use in residential care homes, homes where more than one person needs to be monitored, or even prison establishments.” Doc@HOME is a fully versatile system that can be configured to meet the health needs of individual patients; empower patients to participate in their care delivery, support their carers and reduce the burden of care provision through particular information required by clinicians to deliver expert care on a patient by patient basis. Telehealth solutions enable patients to empower themselves in their own treatment which has other benefits such as cutting down on unnecessary visits to the GP or clinic. As well as being convenient and easy to use, interactive and personalised software built into the mobile solution means that patients can receive immediate feedback from their clinician after data is entered. Thousands of patients can be catered for without them having to spend their time visiting the GP’s surgery, clinic or hospital. Valuable medical practitioners’ time has already been saved by deploying doc@HOME in homes and clinics throughout the UK. Furthermore there have been reductions in out-of-hours calls and unnecessary hospital admissions. Following on from the launch of a mobile phone device for patients in August 2007, the multi-user HealthHUB is the latest development in Docobo’s lo


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