Integrating Medical Information With Open Source

Nonprofit organization Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA) believes that open-source software can integrate systems and share various medical related information in the local healthcare industry.

According to the organization’s secretary, Joseph D. Dal Molin, it is difficult to share medical information and integrate systems, despite many years of top-down standardization efforts. Health care service providers need to share information whenever they require. In a closed environment, the interfacing issue between disparate systems has been an obstacle for communication and information sharing. He explained that software industry is poor to provide health-care systems. The behavior of the health systems is unpredictable and non-linear; they do not respond well to “top-down” command, control models and culture common in the industry. Also, healthcare’s dependence on a single vendor can be minimized because the use of open source software offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. OSHCA is planning to establish interoperability between open source software applications and projects.


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