Efforts are being made to link all 4,000 government clinics and 120 public hospitals in Malaysia via ICT network. It is an initiative, proposed by IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd, it is aimed at automating processes and improving patients’ information flow under the Ninth Malaysia Plan period. It is aimed at enabling the Health Ministry to communicate and share real-time information and knowledge with health departments throughout the country and thus ultimately allowing the Ministry to provide better healthcare services and reporting. The IBM Malaysia is currently looking into the best method of implementation of the infrastructure and networks to connect the relevant facilities and agencies in each State, as stated by public sector/healthcare manager of the company, Manan Mudzaffar Kasri. In Malaysia, private hospitals have the networks and portals to communicate with some clinics, but not government hospitals don’t have that facility. IBM has started working on a similar concept for the Government hospitals to communicate with the clinics, especially in the rural areas. The proposals for this project are in the pipeline.

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