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Medibox (MDS 3) Medial update in real time saves time

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With the unprecedented level of progress in medical technology the life expectancy of an individual has improved and so has the quality of life in the metros. We have seen tremendous change in the medial equipments that have been launched by companies that manufacture health care equipments.

More often than not in an emergency situation like accidents or brain hemorrhage the patients need immediate medical attentions however there is considerable time that is lost to conduct the preliminary checkups that result in untimely death of the patients who could possibly be saved. This is due to lack of communication between different point-of0care devices and clinical information systems. There are too many different types of protocols and interfaces that are being used by hospitals, lack of proprietary data and inability of interoperability.

With the introduction and implementation of remote access information devices that are accessible and has the ability of interoperability from any remote place and transmit data at any given time will result in saving lives in case of emergency situation. Prisma Global Limited introduces a product called Medibox or MDS3. Built with advanced Prisma Global technologies inside, this small but highly capable system incorporates leading-edge features. It provides better connectivity between doctor and the patient. Prisma MDS³ allows the doctor to check the measurements whenever they need to access it. In addition to remote accessibility, remote monitoring can support more timely, safe and extensive care of patient’s health. Prisma MDS³ connectivity provides vital data to services providers such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Electronic Cardiogram, Weighing scale, Pace Maker and Body Temperature from patient’s residence. On the other side Prisma MDS³ is also connected with server & modem which is again linked with Tele Medicine Centre that shares the data with Tele Medicine Terminal where clinician can easily check patient’s measurements.

Benefits of MDS3

· It allows to monitor Vital health parameters whenever and wherever you want with online real time information

· It allows storing, accessing and retrieving patient information in simpler, faster and convenient way

· Dependability and expertise of one person factor is no more existing as the product is user friendly platform and design to get the health status of the patient right on mobile and PC

· Fully automated, multiple devices adaptability that offers new level of productivity, safety and quality

· The device can be installed in hospitals, ambulances, corporate offices and at home too, as it consumes less energy, no heat emission and workable for 24×7

· Mobile and PC’s can be connected through Bluetooth, W-LAN and USB

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