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NRHM Scam: CBI arrests former CMO on murder charges

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The CBI has arrested former Lucknow Chief Medical Officer (CMO) AK Shukla in connection with the murder case of his predecessor Vinod K Arya in October 2010. Dr Shukla, who was in the Uttar Pradesh government’s Family Welfare department, was the alleged conspirator in the killing of Dr Arya, according to the CBI. Dr Shukla was arrested in July 2011 in connection with alleged finan-cial irregularities in the state health department but was later released on bail.

The CBI says the motive behind the murder was fear of being exposed for corruption. Dr Shukla allegedly feared that the victim was trying to expose him for corruption and irregularities that al-legedly took place under the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) scheme in Uttar Pradesh. The CBI says that there is enough evidence against Dr Shukla in the case.

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