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In a world where technology continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility, India stands at the forefront of leveraging digital innovation to transform healthcare delivery. At the heart of this revolution are groundbreaking platforms like the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN) app and the Universal Immunization Win (U-WIN) app, both spearheading India’s Universal Immunization Programme.

Launched in 2014 by the Government of India with support from GAVI and UNDP, the eVIN app has become a cornerstone in electronically tracking vaccine supply, ensuring efficient storage, and facilitating distribution to even the most remote corners of the nation. By harnessing the power of big data and API development, eVIN fosters interoperability and scalability, making it a sustainable solution for managing large volumes of vaccine data. With a user-friendly interface akin to booking a cab, healthcare workers can effortlessly schedule vaccine supplies for thousands of populations across India, guaranteeing a steady supply to nearly 200,000 government health centres.

But the digital transformation doesn’t stop at the supply chain. India’s U-WIN app takes it a step further by establishing a front-end digital platform for immunisation, registering and tracking beneficiaries in real-time. With over 40 million beneficiaries registered and 125 million vaccine doses recorded, U-WIN which is currently in pilot, is poised to become the world’s largest electronic immunisation registry. This game-changing system individualises tracking of beneficiaries and vaccination details, ultimately leading to higher vaccine coverage and reduced infant mortality rates.

Moreover, the success story of digital platforms in India extends beyond traditional vaccines. The Co-WIN platform played a pivotal role in administering over two billion COVID-19 vaccines in just 18 months, outpacing vaccination efforts in several major countries. At its peak, 14,000 people were vaccinated every minute, showcasing the unparalleled efficiency of India’s technology-backed healthcare programs.

Building on this success, India has launched TB-WIN, a vaccine management system aimed at studying the effects of adult BCG vaccinations in reducing Tuberculosis incidence. This initiative further underscores India’s commitment to leveraging technology for improving public health outcomes.

By integrating platforms like U-WIN into India’s digital health stack, which includes the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and the Reproductive and Child Health Portal, healthcare professionals gain access to comprehensive patient health records, driving efficiency in patient care and government health services.

India’s suite of digital solutions exemplifies how technology can revolutionise healthcare delivery, reaching every corner of the nation and ensuring no one is left behind. Just as booking a cab has become second nature, accessing healthcare services through these platforms has become straightforward, impacting millions of lives profoundly.

As India continues to pave the way in digital healthcare innovation, the world looks on, inspired by the transformative power of technology in improving public health outcomes.

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