Dr. Nihar Parekh

In today’s fast-paced world, accessing quality healthcare, especially in paediatrics, remains a pressing challenge. Geographical barriers and unprecedented epidemics like COVID-19 have only exacerbated the situation, leaving many parents feeling anxious and helpless when it comes to their children’s well-being. As a paediatrician, I have personally witnessed the distress and worry that arises when expert medical advice is not readily available. This gap in paediatric healthcare inspired the creation of innovative solutions, leading to the development of Second Opinion Online Consultations for Children (SOCC) – India’s very first digital healthcare platform for paediatric consultations.

By exploring the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of online paediatric consultations, we aim to illuminate the ever-evolving landscape of paediatric care in the digital age. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionise the way paediatric healthcare is delivered!

The dire lack of access to specialised paediatric care in rural and remote areas poses a grave threat to the health and well-being of our children. This deficiency can result in delayed diagnoses, inadequate treatment, and ultimately, poorer health outcomes. The burden placed on families who must travel long distances for paediatric care is immense and overwhelming. The stress, anxiety, and financial strain that accompany such journeys can be insurmountable. This not only hinders timely medical interventions but also places an unbearable financial and emotional weight on these families. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these disparities, with lockdowns and social distancing measures making it nearly impossible for parents to seek in-person consultations for their children. The stark reality of the situation is clear: our children’s health is at risk, and urgent action must be taken to bridge this gap in paediatric care.

In light of these formidable challenges, we boldly launched SOCC with a noble mission: to bridge the gap in paediatric healthcare through the power of digital technology. SOCC stands as a beacon of hope, offering parents access to a team of over 20 paediatric super specialists, each a master in their field, representing various paediatric subspecialties, including paediatric dentistry, lactation consultancy, ophthalmology, cardiology, and more, all from the comfort of their own homes. This innovative approach ensures thorough and comprehensive care, addressing a myriad of paediatric health issues, from the mundane to the complex.

The urgent need for digital paediatric healthcare has never been more glaring. Video consultations emerge as a beacon of light, shattering geographical barriers and granting immediate access to expert guidance. No longer must parents fret over travel arrangements or long wait times; they can now connect with a paediatric specialist at their convenience. This newfound flexibility proves especially advantageous for busy working parents or those with multiple children, as it allows them to seek medical advice without disrupting their daily routines. Whether parents prefer a one-time consultation or a subscription for continuous care, the platform is committed to nurturing a solid and supportive relationship between doctors and parents. SOCC is revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered to families everywhere!

SOCC’s video consultations are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. The process begins with parents booking an appointment through our platform and selecting a paediatric specialist based on their child’s specific needs. During the consultation, our specialists can review medical records, discuss symptoms, and provide expert advice on treatment options. In many cases, video consultations can suffice for diagnosing and managing conditions, reducing the need for in-person visits.

One of the key advantages of SOCC is the multidisciplinary expertise it offers. Our team includes specialists in areas such as paediatric cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology, among others. This diverse expertise ensures that parents receive well-rounded and informed opinions on their child’s health issues. For instance, a child with a complex medical history involving multiple systems can benefit from the collective knowledge of various specialists, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

The benefits of SOCC go far beyond just medical advice. Our platform is dedicated to educating parents on preventive healthcare, growth and development milestones, and managing chronic conditions. This comprehensive approach empowers parents with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions about their child’s health.

As we navigate the challenges of the modern world, embracing digital healthcare solutions will be essential in safeguarding the well-being of our future generations.

Let’s revolutionise paediatric care together with SOCC!

Views shared by Dr. Nihar Parekh, Lead Paediatrician at Second Opinion Online Consultations for Children (SOCC)

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