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In the landscape of healthcare, innovation isn’t just about technological breakthroughs; it’s about ensuring that these advancements translate into tangible benefits for all. As nations strive to uphold the well-being of their citizens, the integration of cutting-edge technologies must be accompanied by thoughtful implementation and accessibility. This responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of governments and administrations, who must prioritise innovations that genuinely uplift communities and bridge gaps in healthcare access.

Reflecting on this imperative, Shri Dinesh Gundu Rao, Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka, emphasised the pivotal role of innovation in healthcare during his address at the 12th Elets Healthcare Innovation Summit, organised by Elets Technomedia, with knowledge partner eHealth, on 22nd February at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. He articulated, “Access to healthcare stands as a fundamental pillar of any nation’s commitment to the well-being of its people, reflecting the values of compassion and equity within its governance.”

He underscored the significance of recognizing and rewarding advancements in healthcare, stating, “It gives me great pleasure to be over here in this program, where people who have contributed, and who have done excellent work in healthcare are being recognized, and being awarded for new technologies, new innovations, and new ideas, so that we can foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare.”

He further elucidated on the critical role of governments in evaluating and deploying scalable technologies that can reach millions. “What is really important for a government, is to be able to find out- what is it that we can really use, that will enable us to give better healthcare to our people? Practical technology is the answer”, he asserted.

Highlighting recent collaborations leveraging innovative technologies in Karnataka’s healthcare landscape, Rao emphasised, “Yesterday, we tied up with Infosys foundation to work in terms of preventing infant mortalities and to see that the foetus’ health is monitored, so we are tying up with newer available technologies. If we talk about MRIs about 20 years back, MRI would have been totally out of reach of the common man. Today, we’ve got an MRI in every district hospital in Karnataka, and free of cost.”

In conclusion, Rao expressed optimism for meaningful discussions and outcomes from the summit, emphasising the importance of continuous innovation coupled with efforts to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all. “We should always promote and always be eager to innovate and come up with new ideas and use the best of technologies” he affirmed.

In essence, Rao’s remarks encapsulate the essence of governmental responsibility in driving healthcare innovation, ensuring that technological advancements translate into tangible benefits for all segments of society, and ultimately, fostering a healthier, more equitable future.

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