In a remarkable journey towards better health, a 31-year-old woman, bravely confronting chronic renal failure since 2013, recently overcame a new challenge posed by four parathyroid adenomas. The patient, currently on hemodialysis twice a week and awaiting a renal transplant, experienced tingling and numbness in both hands, known as carpopedal spasm.

Upon evaluation, medical professionals discovered that the parathyroid adenomas were exacerbating her renal failure complications. Initial attempts at medical treatments, including injections and nasal sprays, proved unresponsive, prompting Dr. Chandan Choudhary, her nephrologist at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai, to explore non-surgical ablative procedures.

Opting for a less invasive approach, the medical team decided on Microwave Ablation, a procedure using microwave energy to treat three of the four adenomas. Conducted under local anesthesia in a cathlab, the intervention aimed to alleviate the patient’s elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels, a significant risk to her overall health.

The procedure was a resounding success, and the patient was discharged on the same day. Post-operation, her serum calcium levels remained stable, and her PTH levels exhibited a notable improvement from 4400 to 330 units. Importantly, no complications, such as hematoma or Horner’s syndrome, were observed, and the patient’s voice quality remained unaffected – a crucial parameter monitored during such procedures.

Dr. Asif Momin, Head of Department Radiology & Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai, expressed satisfaction in the innovative approach. “Her journey is a testament to resilience and innovation in healthcare. Her courage in facing chronic renal failure is truly inspiring. The successful application of Microwave Ablation, a less invasive procedure, reflects our commitment to finding tailored solutions for each patient.”

He added, “At Bhatia Hospital Mumbai, we believe in transforming challenges into triumphs, ensuring a healthier future. It’s not just about treating ailments; it’s about empowering our patients to overcome and embrace better health. Together, we continue to pave the way for innovative and compassionate healthcare.”

This successful case not only highlights the patient’s resilience but also showcases the hospital’s dedication to providing personalized and effective healthcare solutions. The innovative use of Microwave Ablation not only addressed the parathyroid issues but also contributed to the patient’s overall well-being, marking a significant stride in the journey towards better health.

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