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Dr. Manish Rane, Chief Technology Officer, iSecureNet Solutions Pvt Ltd, delivered an insightful presentation at the 5th Elets Pharma Leadership Summit & Awards focusing on cybersecurity within the pharmaceutical industry. Drawing on his extensive experience in the field, Dr. Rane highlighted the critical need for improved cybersecurity measures in pharmaceutical companies.

He began by addressing the growing threat of cyberattacks on pharmaceutical companies, emphasizing that these attacks are not isolated incidents but rather part of a global trend. Dr. Rane cited alarming statistics, revealing that between 2020 and 2022, the rate of cyberattacks on pharmaceutical companies increased significantly. He stressed that this trend is a cause for concern and warrants immediate attention.

Dr. Rane identified the primary issue as the pharmaceutical industry’s continued reliance on legacy cybersecurity solutions, which may not effectively address evolving threats. He pointed out that many pharmaceutical companies focus on securing their web servers and incoming traffic but often overlook critical aspects such as DNS (Domain Name System) security.

DNS, according to Dr. Rane, plays a pivotal role in cyberattacks, with attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in this area. He underscored that encryption of DNS traffic is becoming increasingly common, making it challenging to detect malicious activities. Dr. Rane introduced DNS security (DNS-AM) as a solution to this problem. He explained that DNS-AM functions as a firewall specifically designed to monitor DNS queries and protect against various cyber threats.

Moreover, Dr. Rane delved into the concept of deception technology, an integral part of DNS-AM. He described how this technology misleads attackers by diverting them to decoy targets, allowing organizations to assess attacker behavior and create threat signatures. This proactive approach enables the blocking of potential threats even before they infiltrate an organization.

He emphasized that DNS tunneling and data exfiltration are particularly challenging to detect but crucial threats that require dedicated monitoring and protection.

Dr. Rane also touched on the need for automation in cybersecurity. He highlighted the role of Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) solutions in streamlining cybersecurity operations. Automation, he argued, reduces response times and minimizes the attack surface, ultimately enhancing an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

In closing, Dr. Rane shared that Alim Laboratories is among the clients benefitting from their automation and DNS-based cybersecurity techniques. He invited attendees to connect with his team to learn more about their advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Dr. Manish Rane’s presentation shed light on the pressing need for enhanced cybersecurity measures in the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing the importance of DNS security and automation to protect against evolving cyber threats. His insights provided valuable guidance for organizations seeking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses.

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