SRL Diagnostics and Skye Air Mobility

Skye Air Mobility, a drone delivery logistics provider has signed a long-term agreement with SRL Diagnostics, which operates over 425+ laboratories across India. This partnership between Skye Air Mobility & SRL Diagnostics is expected to revolutionize logistics in the diagnostics industry. This partnership is unique in the pathology sector since it will leverage drone delivery technology to create a faster supply chain for collecting samples and transporting them to labs in Gurugram and Mumbai.

The duo will conduct BVLOS drone delivery trial flights in designated green zones in Gurugram and Mumbai regions. From 8th April onwards, around 60 test flights would be undertaken from Fortis Hospitals/Collection centers to SRL Labs in both cities.


Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Anand. K, CEO, SRL Diagnostics said, “SRL has been a pioneer in building an integrated logistics system that covers 40,000+ km every day and enables 10,000+ pickups from 150+ dry ice locations and manages over 7750+ flights. With this partnership with Skye Air, we are looking at reducing the logistics time and enabling an even faster turnaround time for reports. In addition, this will also help us cut down our carbon footprint. We are shortly beginning our 8 day trial in Mumbai, and Gurugram. Post the successful trial, long-range deliveries will also begin which will be particularly useful in congested locations, hilly regions, and mountainous terrain. This will help us build efficiencies for specialized and super-specialized tests that are typically performed only at our Global Reference Laboratories. Since the time taken for sample transfer is cut down, we will have better temperature control for samples, especially during the summer months.”

Commenting on the Partnership Mr. Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air Mobility, said, “We’re very excited to be collaborating with SRL diagnostics to ensure faster turn-around time for facilitating faster logistics via drones. Skye Air DaaS (Drone as a service) platform is bound to replace the mid-mile and prove to be advantageous in reducing the time taken for sample transfer, thereby also aiding in improving patient outcomes. SRL Diagnostics’ approach towards drone delivery as a technology disruptor in the pathology industry inspires us, and we look forward to growing our long-term partnership.”

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