Good Nidra' Program

Apollo TeleHealth has come up with ‘Good Nidra’ Program – a comprehensive sleep program for the treatment and diagnosis of sleep apnea on the occassion of World Sleep Day on March 18. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition characterized by complete/partial obstruction of the upper airway that disrupts normal sleep patterns. It has become highly prevalent and negatively affects the quality of life of a person. OSA is independently associated with an increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diminished quality of life. Hence, it becomes a prime concern for healthcare personnel to diagnose it at the earliest.

“93 per cent of Indians are sleep deprived and 65 per cent of them are potential patients for Sleep Apnea. We believe that there is an unmet need for many individuals who haven’t yet been officially diagnosed with OSA and are looking for comfortable or curative treatment options. This Good Nidra sleep program will provide physicians and OSA patients with a new, patient-preferred alternative therapy that is simple, comfortable, effective, and easy to use. The program includes screening & diagnosis at home/hospital through latest technology-based devices that are cost effective and convenient. For treatment, CPAP devices are provided with connected facilities for monitoring treatment therapy remotely, to gain better treatment outcome. In addition to that, there will also be a back-end support team including sleep technicians, sleep coach and counsellors to educate and guide patients during every step of the treatment program. Through this dedicated program, we aim to bring in more patients and significantly reduce or eliminate the burden of sleep apnea. Sleep disorders and Obesity are next to be added to the list of NCDs”, said Mr. Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Apollo TeleHealth.

Commenting on the launch of the new program, Dr. Ayesha Nazneen – Chief Medical Officer, Apollo TeleHealth said “Sleep apnea is a serious chronic condition that impacts much more than just sleep – it impacts patients’ quality of life and overall health. With the ‘Good Nidra’ program, we believe that we can make it significantly easier to manage patients affected with obstructive sleep apnea and increase the number of patients we can treat on any given day. All one has to do is to fill up a questionnaire then, Sleep expert will connect to assist diagnose, counsel and interpret various clinical reports which will be followed by installation of Connected CPAP device at home. Program will also support the patient with constant treatment compliance monitoring and lifestyle management. This innovative new program can help the medical community as a whole to tackle this prevalent silent killer head-on in hopes of saving more lives and raising awareness of this deadly disease.”

“Sleep is an essential component of health. While people across the world are becoming more educated and aware about the importance of sleep health, the limited number of doctors practicing this specialty is a restricting factor for patients. With initiatives like this, it will be easier for patients in India to have access to sleep specialists and world class technologies to treat sleep disorders” she added.

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