srlSRL Diagnostics has launched Heart Ensure Panel which uates genetic reasons behind heart disease. The panel tries to identify markers that are associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease and markers which can help in creating a personalised cardiovascular disease management programme.

This panel launched by SRL is one step towards preventing the epidemic of coronary artery disease by determining the genetic reasons behind the disease so that timely awareness is provided so preventive measures can be taken to deal with cardiac problems. The panel indicates an increased level of genetic risk for coronary artery disease as well as suggests lifestyle modifications which are recommended so as to create a personalised management programme.

Dr Leena Chatterjee, Director, Fortis SRL Labs and SRL Strategic Initiatives said, SRL has introduced heart ensure panel test which will uate genetic reasons behind the disease. This panel should ideally be done by individuals above the age of 30 years who may or may not have a family history of heart disease. It may also be done on those individuals who have dyslipidaemia (high levels of cholesterol) so as to reduce the progression of coronary artery disease by modifying the treatment and setting revised targets of controlling lipid levels.

SRL has conducted several studies in the Indian population to determine which of the genetic markers are relevant in the Indian context and has developed the Heart Ensure Panel.

This panel of tests is important to a person just like annual health check-up because this panel will enable the person to be proactive about maintaining his/her own health, cut down on the lifestyle factors that can cause harm to heart health or consult a physician for therapeutic recommendations thereby diminishing the risk and ensuring a holistic approach to personalised care of heart disease. Furthermore, this is a genetic test and has to be done only once in life,” Chatterjee added.

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