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In an effort to advance healthcare, CK Birla Hospital, Delhi, has pioneered a revolutionary approach to treating breast cancer using robot-assisted breast preservation surgery (RAFBPS). This innovative technique, among the first in India, aims not only to remove cancerous tissue but also to preserve the natural structure and sensation of the breast.

Led by Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, Director of Surgical Oncology at CK Birla Hospital, the team successfully treated two women with advanced breast cancer using RAFBPS. One patient, a 27-year-old mother, underwent the procedure after initially denying symptoms during pregnancy and lactation, leading to advanced cancer stages. Remarkably, she retained full breast sensation and a natural appearance post-surgery.

In another case, a woman in her late 50s with multifocal breast cancer underwent RAFBPS, preserving her breasts and avoiding the expected morbidity associated with traditional mastectomy procedures. Utilizing robotic arms, the surgery enabled precise removal of cancerous tissue while reconstructing the breast using tissue harvested from the patient’s back, all through a single lateral mammary incision.

Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra highlighted the significance of this technological advancement, emphasizing its ability to provide more precise visualization and smaller incisions. By entering the breast from the armpit, the robot removes tissue and reconstructs the breast while preserving the skin and nipple, thus maintaining breast sensation and achieving natural-looking outcomes.

Breast cancer remains a significant challenge in India, with urban women facing a higher risk than their rural counterparts. With this pioneering technique, CK Birla Hospital aims to provide women with early-stage breast cancer a viable alternative to traditional mastectomy, particularly for those who have responded well to systemic therapies.

The introduction of robot-assisted breast preservation surgery represents a significant stride forward in the fight against breast cancer, offering patients improved aesthetic outcomes, reduced morbidity, and preserved breast sensation. CK Birla Hospital continues to lead the way in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care and outcomes in oncology.

As breast cancer continues to affect millions of women worldwide, advancements like RAFBPS offer hope for a brighter future, where innovative technologies transform the landscape of cancer treatment and survivorship.

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