Ravi Sundararajan

Talking about ‘Transforming Patient Engagement in Healthcare with Conversational Messaging,” Ravi Sundararajan, COO, Gupshup gave an insightful presentation. He initiated his talk with a brief on how Gupshup, a cloud messaging tool, can be a beneficial tool for businesses in keeping up with their clients and customers. He shared how along with other key sectors, healthcare has been a priority focus area for them where pharma companies and hospital chains have been using their product for creating conversational engagement tools with their patients.

He talked about the prominence patient engagement has taken over the last 1.5 years as the pandemic, mass smartphone adoption and digital innovations have accelerated online healthcare. He further added that in the last two years there’s been a significant rise in remote monitoring of patients, telemedicine and digital therapeutics. However, he stated that digital experiences are still broken and how an emerging trend might be the answer to creating a seamless healthcare experience through messaging apps.

Sundararajan elaborated on the critical role played by the chatbots during the COVID period. “Gupshup is one such cloud-based app being used by thousands of companies. We give people the option to send specific types of messages through apps like whatsapp, etc.” He averred that conversations are the core of great healthcare experiences and messaging apps provide an easy-to-access digital medium to take these conversations online. He added that Gupshup’s smart messaging platform enables engaging conversations seamlessly across 30+ messaging channels using a single API.

“For tier 2 & tier 3 cities where people prefer their own language than English, app-based networking where buttons & icons can bridge the communication gap and can help in engaging healthcare providers in such cities,” said Mr. Sundararajan adding that the entire treatment lifecycle can be made more engaging and personalised through a messaging app. He talked about the various segments of marketing, operations and services where the messaging app plays a critical role and provides multitude of services.

He also detailed on how with the help of digital records and frequent chats with the patients through chatbots or personal messaging, customer satisfaction can be enhanced and also costs of serving so many customers be reduced. He shared that one can re-imagine their healthcare brand as a counselor to millions using smart messaging platforms. “In the future, pharmaceutical companies & healthcare providers will have everything targetted, tailored and every step will be personalised for patients with the help of digital tools and cloud messaging platform like Gupshup,” stated Mr. Sundararajan. He also shared case studies of Pharmeasy & Apollo Hospitals and deliberated how Gupshup helped them to have better customer communication/ patient communication.


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