Strengthen your Network to add to your Net-Worth

Strengthen your Network to add to your Net-Worth

Year 2021 was a year of patient-centric and collaborative healthcare redefining the health ecosystem in the country. Transforming itself from a system that worked in silos towards a network that’s moving towards integration of various departments and entities, Indian healthcare has come a long way. Elets Technomedia through its health arm of eHealth contributed towards this transformation by bringing the key stakeholders together on one platform under various segments to create a synergy and collaborative thought process. 489+ speakers were engaged in 12 events and 2 webinars in the year 2021 with 50+ sponsors lending their support.

A number of key events and webinars were organized in the year 2021 that focused on pertinent issues and segments with leading names in the industry coming forward and sharing their insightful learning. The year began with the virtual Elets National Nutrition Convention on January 22, 2021 on the theme India Moves towards Holistic Nutrition. The day-long summit saw 22 speakers sharing in-depth thoughts on the Poshan Abhiyan.

Nutrition Summit

The 10th Healthcare Leaders Forum on 29-30 Jan 2021 focused on co-creating a robust healthcare ecosystem with a 65 speakers from across the nation delving into deep discussions moving towards a new normal. The virtual summit witnessed enthused participation from both the government and the private sector.


Moving ahead, eHealth ventured into exploring the diagnostic sector to highlight the key role played by the segment to battle the pandemic. The first edition of the Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit on 19-20 Feb 2021 in partnership with Abott focused on Future Prospects of The Indian Diagnostics Sector. The two-day summit brought together thought 68 leaders and organizational stakeholders from across the diagnostic industry, working towards a shared vision of diagnostic excellence.


With the virtual medium gathering further momentum, a Dell Smart Healthcare webinar was organized on 20 April 2021 with five speakers sharing their thoughts on the smart healthcare needs and opportunities.

The month of April witnessed another offering in the Pharma Leadership Summit. Organised on 29-30 April 2021, the summit on the theme ‘Embracing Digitalization in Pharma – Adopting the New Normal’ created a platform that saw discussions on how the dawn of the digital era has empowered India Pharma Inc to connect with patients better and to serve their needs more effectively during pandemic. Through the presence of 64 speakers, the summit analyzed how the new-age technologies — Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 3D printing, and blockchain are transforming the pharma industry world over.

Pharma Leadership Summit

The Hospital Infrastructure Summit 2021 on 20-21 May was organized focusing on the theme ‘Building a Better, Safer & Welcoming Hospitals’. It brought together 45 industry captains, thought leaders and decision-makers Live to re-imagine the hospital sector and discuss swift adoption of cutting-edge design and new-age technologies for building smart, robust and responsive hospitals.

Hospital Infrastructure Summit

Inspired by the successful first edition, the 2nd Radiology & Imaging Summit was organized on 23-24 June 2021. It brought together 43 stakeholders from Healthcare industry viz. renowned radiologists, radiology centres owners, radiology multi-chain centres owners, promoters of imaging diagnostic centres, and HODs of radiology departments in super specialty and multi specialty hospitals, who deliberated on different facets of Radiology and Imaging—opportunity and challenges and how technology interventions could help to scale up things.

2nd Radiology & Imaging Summit

The middle of the year saw 2nd Elets Digital Health Conclave 2021 on 28-29 July 2021 on the theme ‘Reimagining Healthcare with Technology’ with 35 speakers deliberating on how digital & data-enabled ICT technologies can transform the future of healthcare. The summit saw an astounding interest from all stakeholders with 7 speakers from the government sector.

Moving on, Elets Food Safety & Quality Summit 2021 on 12-13 August had 23 speakers from across the board discuss on the theme ‘Food Industry 4.0: Stepping to Sustainable & Safe Future’. The industry thought leaders gathered to discuss the roadmap for a swifter adoption of novel technologies and compliance with new regulations for enhancing food safety.


The second edition of the Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit 2021 on 23-24 September saw 66 speakers from across widespread strata discussing on digital technologies and innovations, investment opportunities, latest government policies & schemes, and best practices for transforming the diagnostics industry. The summit was themed on ‘Creating a Future Ready Diagnostic Sector’.

Diagnostics Leadership Summit

29 September also saw Poshan Perspectives Webinar being organized with 7 speakers discussing about efforts of the Union government, state and local governments, corporate and civil society organisations towards battling Severe Acute Malnutrition among children in the country.

Adding to its offering, 2nd Elets Hospital Infrastructure Summit 2021 was organized on 29-30 September on the theme ‘Delivering Fit-for- purpose Healthcare Facilities’. The two-day summit brought together 43 industry captains, thought leaders and decision-makers on a Virtual networking-cum-knowledge platform deliberating on the adoption of digital technologies and design trends for constructing efficient hospitals and accessible healthcare systems for all.


Towards the end of the year, two major events were organised keeping in view the evolving healthcare paradigm. The Digital Pharma Summit on 17-18 November invited thoughts on ‘Decoding Pharma Technologies Post Pandemic’. The 2-day summit, powered by GupShup, created a virtual 3D networking-cum-knowledge platform for 32 leading pharma stakeholders to chart the road for digital success in the world after Covid-19.

Culminating 2021 was the 3rd Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit on 14-15 December 2021 on the theme ‘Co-Creation of a Futuristic Diagnostic Sector’. The two-day summit, powered by CrelioHealth provided a platform for exchanging thoughts on innovations & technology advancement and measures for transforming the diagnostics industry.

3rd Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit

As we move ahead in our journey in 2022, we bring another slew of offerings to create a worthy connect between the key stakeholders to bring the necessary transformation in the healthcare sector. To begin with, we have the 3rd Elets Healthcare Transformation Summit on 17-18 February on the theme ‘Technology Driving Futuristic Healthcare’. The summit will look to delve deeper into the efficacy and opportunities technology and its offshoots have to offer for transforming healthcare in the coming times.

March 22-23, 2022 will see the Elets Infectious Disease Summit, bringing on board an array of experts to deliberate and chart the path of an infection resistance ‘Future beyond COVID Era’.

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