WHO recommends additional dose of vaccine for people with low immunity

WHO recommends additional dose

The vaccination of Covid-19 suggests two doses of vaccine with a gap of 12-16 weeks in between. As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), people with low immunity and weakened immune system should be given an additional dose of vaccine because of the risk of more infections after standard immunisation.

The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunisation implied that additional doses should be offered. Kate O’Brien, WHO vaccine Director in a news briefing mentioned “The recommendation is for a third vaccination, an additional vaccination in the primary series, and again that is based on the evidence showing that the immunogenicity and evidence on breakthrough infections is highly disproportionately represented by those people.”

According to O’Brien 3.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered. Also, around 1.5 billion doses are made available worldwide every month, offering enough quantity to achieve the target of vaccination of 40% of the population of each country by the year’s. However, it is reported that the distribution is unequal.

WHO, Vaccine Director added “Giving those booster doses to individuals who have already had the benefit of a primary response is like putting two life jackets on somebody and leaving others without any lifejacket”.


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