How high blood pressure could prove to be fatal

high blood pressure

We all have stress in life, and many of us wake up to stress every single day. It directly affects our blood pressure levels and vice-versa. This said the very familiar sphygmomanometer or a blood pressure machine might reveal figures higher than the standard 120/80. If it is marginally higher to around 130 or 90, you need to be cautious. However, none of us take care of it too seriously. We shrug off and ignore the high blood pressure levels because we ask ourselves as to what can happen after all! The answer to this question is – a lot! High blood pressure can trigger many chronic and even fatal health complications you might never want to get, ever!

Let us familiarize you with the health threats you cause by not checking your BP with a digital BP monitor.

Direct Attack to Brain

The brain and the central Nervous system manages all the other functions in the body. It also needs the blood supply to get all these responses in time. But with high blood pressure, one can get anything from Stroke, where the blood vessels might develop a leak or rupture, or even clogs to dementia to mild cognitive impairment.

Heart Attack

The heart pumps the blood, and hence, hypertension or high blood pressure levels might cause coronary artery disease, angina, enlarged left ventricle or heart failure.

Loss of Vision

Rush or depletion of blood can cause the vessels to damage the nerves in the eyes or damage the retina, causing complete vision loss. Fluid might even build up under the retina as choroidopathy.

Kidney Failure

You can expect the high blood pressure to damage the kidneys too and worsen it if you already suffer from issues. The blood vessels in the kidney might further scar up to malfunction and lead to kidneys becoming incapable of filtering fluids and waste from the blood. Kidney failure is another heinous condition that you might prevent if you have a BP monitor machine.

Damage to Arteries

Blood passes through the arteries, and when the blood pressure level rises, the arteries might directly feel the rush. The fats from the food you eat get into the blood and make the arteries less elastic ultimately restricting the blood flow. The other issue from high blood pressure can be the Aneurysm where the blood passing through a weak artery might cause the artery wall to form a bulge or enlarge. This is a life-threatening condition that appears in the Aorta artery.

Sexual Problems

Hypertension can cause issues in men like ED or erectile dysfunction and women vaginal dryness. Hence, having a digital BP monitor at home is vital for all.

These are serious and conditions, we all hear of our near, and dear ones have. If your genes have such cases as a majority, you surely can save a life by taking precautions. Invest in a standard BP monitor machine and keep reading it regularly along with taking the medication for the same to keep it in control.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Mike Linz, Sr. Finance Manager. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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