Elets Conference: Collective efforts will bring in tangible differences in healthcare: High Commissioner of the Republic of Mauritius to India

J Goburdhun

There has been a lot of development in the health sector. Be it government or private sector, we are proud of the innovation which has been done and for serving people in the best possible manner.


But I would like to say that we have failed in giving health to the population throughout the world. In 30’s and 40’s there existed the problem of Malaria along with other communicable diseases and we have managed to work very hard and almost eliminate the problem. But for the last 50-60 years we had the non-communicable diseases which have been widespread and the management has worked very hard to help the diseased get over from those diseases, including cancer. Now it has already taken an epidemic proportion throughout the world since 2019.

For the last 60-70 years we have had WHO performing a commendable job. Even the 175 policy of health for all was a successful venture but still they have failed to provide health to the overall population and that is why we have an epidemic proportion. Taking this in mind, I would like to say that all of us need to work together. We are all living in one world ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ so why think divergently and not for all. The ministry is doing their task solely, private companies are doing solely but how are we including the people for whom we are working towards?


Very proudly I can claim that we have served our country pretty well in Africa. I got the people involved and doubled the primary healthcare services within 2 years. Mauritius being a country where health is free and medicines are free, food is free, ambulance is free but it could all happen because of the mingling of people. Now we can say Mauritius is best in Africa, first country in democratic economy and we are proud to have been contributing, keeping up as a welfare state. That is the best way we can serve humanity. Making a country free of cost for education from pre-primary to university, healthcare, as good as Singapore or any other country, all these facilities have been provided in the name of giving good healthcare to all citizens. So, we have failed in all these aspects here and we all have to collectively work towards it and can provide health and wellness to all. Good health you don’t get in hospitals or with the intake of medicines or by taking appointments from doctors; health you can best avail at home. And talking about wellness, well India possesses one of the great Prime Ministers of times who has actually came up with a re4al ministry of health, AYUSH. AYUSH is the real, most innovative, effective, promotive and creative. With the incoming of AYUSH, it doesn’t mean that we don’t require private technologies or super-specialties, but we all need to work towards a common goal hand-in-hand.

Talking about health and wellness, there are 2 main components into it Yoga/exercise and intake of good food. From last 60-70 years we have been taking the most poisonous food. You are eating food which is Cancerous, mixed with the spray of pesticides and insecticides. And this is not the nest Indian technology being utilized, as you have better than this but you are not utilizing it optimally. with mere one cow you can plant multi-acre of cropped farm lands and this initiative too has been taken by your prime Minister and has been applauded of globally. That is how you get good food and that is the actual definition of healthy food. Also, your new finance minister has also put it in your budget that all small farmers should go in for natural farming. We need to follow our own culture and traditions to lead a healthy lifestyle. pesticides too are important but they can be substituted with natural ones like cow’s urine and Neem leaves. Therefore it’s important to include natural farming methods in order to get access to healthy food.

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