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Raju Venkatraman

With an objective to cater people with better diagnostic facilities, Medall has carved niche in preventive care space. Its mission is to provide top quality diagnostic services in cost-efficient manner so that people of all strata can easily afford the facility to insulate themselves from emerging NCDs and lifestyle diseases, says Raju Venkatraman, Chairman-cum-Non Executive Director, Medall Healthcare, in conversation with Gopi Krishna Arora & Mukul Kumar Mishra of Elets News Network (ENN).


Q Medall has emerged as one of the biggest brands in diagnostic field today and is known for delivering excellent services to people at large. Tell us about its journey and mission?

Our mission is to bring affordable, high quality diagnostics to underserved area and make it available at the doorstep. Last year, we touched over one crore customers in urban and rural areas. We innovate and also bring proven technology and tests with turnaround time of 4 to 8 hours. We have expanded our test offerings which include molecular biology, infectious diseases and the journey continues to make diagnostic services accessible and affordable.Xray

Q Precision and accuracy are two important hallmarks which define quality of services of any diagnostic company…How do you read the statement in context of others in diagnostic field?


With over 1 lakh labs in the country, quality is a major concern of the industry. Customers are not aware of the quality testing done by organised players like us. It is a serious issue and there are no easy solutions to regulate quality. 70% of the treatment in this country is dependent on diagnostic reports. It is difficult for our customers to differentiate players and pretenders. This issue has been raised at the highest level of Government and we all have to find a solution as an industry body.

Q The company provides facility of different packages plan like ‘Master Health package’ and Senior Citizens package’. Elaborate a little about the same.

Medall, with its unique integrated diagnostics capabilities, offers Silver, Gold and Platinum packages to all age groups. Prevention implies early detection of diseases and many abnormalities can be cured with lifestyle changes, diet and exercise or some medication.

With prevalent NCD challenges in our population, it is important for people to avail these health checks. Heart, liver, kidneys are among the organs that are getting affected. It is important, that awareness of preventive health check is being promoted by the government and companies.

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Our Medall Health Monitor and Privilege package for 2 people in the family is well received by the customers. 80 percent of the customers have repeated the health check as this is very easy and affordable. This includes X-ray, USG, mammo (for women), and battery of blood and urine tests. We have saved several hundred lives by early detection. With our life expectancy going up, it is important to have good quality of life. These packages help in monitoring all the vital organs.

Q COMPANIES. Tell us something about SASH… how does it help one to keep update about health of vital organs?

Stay Aware Stay Healthy (SASH) is a great health screening product. It is designed to give health score of major systems in our body and an overall health score. It is priced at Rs.640/- and provides metabolic age, liver score, kidney score, heart score, thyroid score and overall health score by measuring vital parameters like BP, BMI, resting metabolism and series of blood function tests. We are finding several young people with early indicators of liver, kidney and older people with arthritis and thyroid related complications. The tests are carefully chosen by leading consultants. The reports are very unique and available in multiple languages like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and English. Major impressions and lifestyle modification recommendations are given so that patient can improve their overall health score. We also have a mobile app for people to watch their health trends over years.SASH

Communities and companies can call our help desk and we can arrange camps in their preferred sites. Healthy India cannot be the responsibility of the Government alone and we all must become proactive and learn to manage our health like we manage our finances.

Q You are already working with many State Governments including Andhra Pradesh and Jharkahnd to do value addition in the diagnostic field…is there any collaboration plan with other States?

We have made a significant impact with our PPP projects in AP and Jharkhand. We are evaluating many states as the opportunity arises.

Q As a diagnostic company, Medall rules in South Indian market…what is your expansion plan to explore North Indian markets?

We have a lot of work to be done in reaching the 250 million people in the states we serve. We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs and collaborate with existing labs in the northern states.

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