5 natural remedies to keep backache at bay


Backache has become one of the most common ailments these days. It is something that can interfere with your everyday tasks and disturb your entire functioning. According to statistics, 80% of people that suffer from back issues in America go through the problem of backache.


Over the counter pain relief medicines like Aspirin and Ibuprofen may help treat the back pain for a while, but the effects are temporary. Thankfully, there are a number of natural remedies that you can try at home to treat the backache. Following is a rundown of the best home remedies that you need to check to keep back pain at bay.

Get Your Muscles Moving

Exercising while your back hurts? Seems challenging, isn’t it?! It may sound controversial but getting up and moving when the pain strikes can actually help. A short morning walk to the nearby park, a few minutes of yoga, and some light-weight exercises can significantly relieve the pain.


Regular exercise can help release endorphins in the bloodstream and increase flexibility. Endorphins are the chemicals known as the natural painkillers of the body. Hence, it is something that can alleviate the pain.

Apart from that, if you add light-weight exercises and yoga to your everyday routine, they can prevent you from future episodes of backache.

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Try the Topical Painkillers

These days, you can find a wide range of pain relief creams in the market that are available over the counter at every pharmacy. These topical painkillers can also help you get rid of back pain without really having any side effects. Lookup for the ones that have capsaicin in them! As mentioned by a study, capsaicin is really helpful in treating body aches, especially in the case of arthritis.

Another research states that menthol is every effective in desensitizing the natural pain receptors of the body; therefore, topical creams with menthol can also prove to be effectual. Menthol has a cooling effect that can numb the pain for a few hours. However, excessive use of menthol can make your skin a lot more sensitive to pain.

Switch to Herbs & Plants

If you’re looking for a more permanent treatment, then try pain killing herbs and plants. Needless to say, allopathic medicines have their side effects. Whereas, plants and herbs are totally natural and side effect free. Here are a few best ones that you can try:

  • Turmeric: Everybody knows about turmeric and its magical pain relief properties. Turmeric comes with anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a natural alternative to over the counter painkillers like Aspirin. It works by reducing the enzymes responsible for inflammation in the first place. It can be consumed orally as well as topically.
  • CBD Oil: CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, and it is responsible for nearly more than half of the health properties of medical marijuana. It not just numbs the pain but treats the issue altogether with its inflammation healing properties. Again, CBD oil can be used both ways; you can take it orally or apply it directly to the hurting area.

Valerian Root: Popularly known as a natural sedative, valerian root is quite helpful when it comes to pain relief. Valerian root can effectively eliminate your pain by reducing nerve sensitivity. You can use it in the form of tea. Drink a cup of warm valerian root tea at night, and you’ll have a pain-free good night’s sleep.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other herbs that you can try to alleviate the backache once and for all.

* Take Care of Your Sleep Cycle

According to many pieces of research, sleep deprivation has a lot of effects on the body; one of them is making your pain worse. It can even affect your pain tolerance level, as claimed by another study.

As stated by the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs to have 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Other than that, you should also work on the quality of your sleep. Anything that affects your sleep quality needs to be eliminated. For example, you need to switch to a better and more comfortable mattress, get a pillow in the right size, and more.

Sleeping positions also matter when it comes to backache. Try and keep your back straight while you sleep or if you like sleeping on the side, adjust a pillow between your knees.

Apply Hot & Cold Packs

Last but not least, don’t forget about the infamous hot and cold therapy. Hot and cold packs have the ability to comfort sore areas of the body. In case of a backache, due to an injury, it is recommended by physicians to use cold packs for at least two days and then switching to the hot pack afterwards.

Although it is still unclear whether a hot pack is more beneficial or a cold pack; therefore, you can use whatever you think is more comforting.

A Bonus Tip: Excess stress can also trigger muscle spasms and body aches. Thus, you need to find ways to manage everyday life stress effectively. Meditation, guided imagery and deep breathing exercises are some of the best stress countering techniques that are worth giving a shot.

(Disclaimer: Writer is Jack, a psychotherapist and neurodegenerative disorders’ expert. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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