IIT Kharagpur researchers develop a low priced device for pathological tests

IIT Kharagpur

A research team led by Prof. Suman Chakraborty & Dr Satadal Saha, of IIT Kharagpur has developed an inexpensive diagnostic device which can perform various pathological tests by using blood taken from a fingerstick.

In a statement by IIT Kharagpur, the device can be used with the help of a paper strip based kit that is merged with a smartphone to enable analytics, readout functions and an LED light for imaging.

The kit, developed by the researchers is very user friendly and of extreme low cost, it said.

The statement further mentioned that the price of each test which is marginal and can vary in case of commercialisation of the product.

On the operational front, the device requires a single drop of blood and a drop of reagent on the paper-based reaction chamber.

This detection method is designed to harness the flow of blood from an input source pad to a reaction pad for diagnosis.

Commenting on other portable devices, Chakraborty said, “Compared to other reported portable devices for haemoglobin estimation, this device is implementable without any trained personnel at resource-limited settings, Chakraborty said.

“We have tested it at extreme challenging environment with uncontrolled dirt, dust and humidity, and in the absence of structured clinics or air-conditioned pathological laboratories to work,” Dr. Saha added.

Dr Satadal Saha, visiting professor at the School of Medical Science and Technology of IIT Kharagpur, along with Chakraborty led the joint team for field work.


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