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Connected enterprise- Key to the digital pursuit

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Digital is changing the face of your business. Your tech-savvy customers are embracing digital at a faster pace and are expecting anytime-anywhere services. The growing millennial workforce in organisations demands flexibility in processes to work beyond the boundaries of your workplace. And, all of this requires you to undertake a digital transformation journey. However, embracing new-age technologies and enhancing user interfaces doesn’t imply digital. To be truly digital, you need to get to the nuts and bolts of a digital enterprise.

Connect for a Digital Enterprise

Virender Jeet NewgenA digital business today needs to be customer-centric as delivering enhanced customer experience is no more a differentiator, but a necessity. With increasing competition and evolving customer demands, business speed plays a key role. Your business not only has to be responsive to customer needs but also agile to embrace change requirements. And, being digital also entails acting as an ecosystem or platform serving customers, employees, and partners. In a nutshell, being digital is about delivering superior customer experience, embracing change and making business happen anytime and from anywhere.

The whole digital model is about engaging customersand transacting with stakeholders in the right context.The point of adding new technological capabilities is not to create silos, but to connect customer-facing channels, partner business ecosystems, core systems and back-office systems. Going digital means to be ‘Connected’. The key is to connect your resources- systems, processes, people and things. So, you can collaborate across business ecosystems, orchestrate processes, create value and address customers’ needs.

Connected Enterprise- What does it stand to offer?

Consider a case of a customer filing an insurance claim. In a connected enterprise, the customer can file a claim right from the spot of the incident, including the photographic captures of the site through a mobile camera. However, it’s not enough to provide a mobile app interface. So, you back it with underlying capabilities for image compression, geo-tagging, local and server storage optimization, and transactional linkage of the images. Further, you enable real-time processing of claims by connecting the mobile app with your back-end systems. The mobile images are received by the back-end workers in real-time, based on the pre-defined workflows, with insurance policy rules and context of the process and customer.

In the above instance, your customer acts as a key stakeholder and participates in your business ecosystem. A truly digital enterprise allows you to create new value chains by connecting otherwise disparate parts of an enterprise, partner and customer ecosystem.

Building a truly Digital Enterprise

To connect your organisation’s resources, you need to automate and orchestrate your business processes for optimum efficiency. A Business Process Management (BPM) platform, with its process management capabilities, allows your organisational resources to participate in an orchestrated manner. It breaks down silos and enables different functions and processes to collaborate. Further, to support these processes with the right context, it’s important to leverage a Content Management platform that delivers the right information at the right time and at the right place. And, delivering a superior customer experience demands engaging customers through timely and relevant customer communications. Thus, a Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform comes to play.

Digital platforms powered by BPM, ECM and CCM enable you to orchestrate processes, contextualise transactions and engage customers. The platforms together facilitate organisations with an integrated approach towards Business Processes, Transactional Content, and Customer Communication, thereby connecting all the pieces that make up a complete and contextual customer experience and building a truly digital enterprise.

(Disclaimer: Virender Jeet,  Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing / Products, Newgen Software. Views expressed are personal opinion.)

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