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How to choose the best mediclaim policy for family?

Mediclaim Policies

Mediclaim PoliciesThe overall economic situation in India has reached a state that people have become extremely picky and selective about their investments. Like every other asset with tangible value, health also can be insured. One can defend ourselves and our families from a severe financial problem that occurs because of any disease. Getting medical health insurance coverage is important for both you and your family. A mediclaim policy is designed to compensate the medical expenses of a policyholder, and therefore saving them from a massive financial loss.


Medical health insurance types:
In India mediclaim is a wide industry that offers a great range of effective products based on the consumer requirements. There is a plan for each and everyone depending on their needs.
There are many insurance companies that are offering the best mediclaim policy. There is tailor made mediclaim policy that is designed according to specific needs.

Medical insurance plans are generally categorised into – individual plan and family mediclaim policy.
Under an individual medical insurance plan, a mediclaim policy for family offers medical health insurance to the whole family as compared to the former where just an individual gets the benefit of the plan.

With the ever growing clinical expenses, having medical insurance coverage has become vital. Normally, human beings are in a quandary, whether or not to choose an individual mediclaim or family medical health insurance plan. Comparing both the plans and their advantages is the best way that can help you determine which plan fits your bill.


We all know that our future is insecure in terms of health issues. Growing population, stress and workload are leading people towards an unhealthy life that might be the reason of several diseases. Thus to ensure good health, we need to have a healthcare plan. Nowadays, health insurance is becoming imperative for securing you and your familys health. With the best mediclaim policy for family, you all will be able to get quality treatment on time in time of need. Best mediclaim policy for family helps you in safeguarding your money. First of all at the time of comparing plans using an online insurance web aggregator, you must check all the available benefits, features,etc.

Benefits of Mediclaim Policy
Nowadays, purchasing a health insurance is a smart choice when the lifestyle is full of unhealthy things. Workload, unhealthy food habits, stress, long working hours are leading people towards several diseases. So, no matter if you are single or have a family, it is vital to have the best mediclaim policy for yourself and your family as well. Apart from that, the cost of getting quality treatment is rising day by day, and in the case of medical emergency, you have to break all your savings as well. So for securing your money you should invest in a best mediclaim policy. In today’s world, mediclaim policy is designed in a way that can provide complete coverage for you and your family as well, all you need to do is pay easy installments.

Factors To Check:
Here are a few things that you must not forget before buying a mediclaim policy for the family.

There are several types of mediclaim policies available. It totally depends upon your requirement. If you get confused among several mediclaim policies for your family, then you should move towards an online insurance web aggregator that can help you in choosing the best. Nowadays an online insurance web aggregator will offer free quotes to you and compare service as well that will help you in choosing the best plan for yourself. There are many online companies and you can easily get the best mediclaim policy at an affordable price within a few minutes.

Along with the insurance cover offered by your medical insurance policy, the cost of the coverage is another element which you need to cautiously weigh, before buying a mediclaim.

The price of a plan is proportionate with its coverage. Hence, it’s essential for you to choose the coverage and premium that you can easily pay for a long term period rather than abandoning it midway and try to buy a new policy with lesser premium. The premium should fit in your budget and should not be a burden on your pocket.

You might be required to get a critical illness policy depending on the family background. You should carefully uate the number of individuals that are required to be incorporated in the plan and choose accordingly.

What You Expect From A Mediclaim Policy
Mediclaim policies have been very popular for the last few years. A few years back, people used to buy Medi claim insurance policies just to save tax, but now they understand its importance and the appropriate way to use it. People have started taking it seriously for securing their health as now it is no longer just a tax saving option.

While purchasing a policy for family, you must buy the best Mediclaim policy. However a question may arise in your mind about how to buy the best one out of all. There are several types of mediclaim policies available so it is quite difficult for everyone to choose the best out of all. Most of the people rely on insurance agents to buy the desired policy which is not an ideal way to buy the policy.

What minimum coverage do you expect to have from a medical coverage?
A coverage on hospitalization expenses is a must. Mediclaim is justifiable for people under 60 years of age. Even the best of mediclaim coverage will not cover an infant of below five years of age and an aged above 60 years of age. There’s a separate plan for senior citizens. Following are a few features that need to be recognised under mediclaim coverage.

A fundamental mediclaim policy could have these:

(1) Compensation or Cashless Hospitalisation “ Medical institution expenses which includes costs for doctors & nurses, operation theater prices, medicinal costs, costs of blood, costs of oxygen, any diagnostic materials used for medication, x-ray expenses, chemotherapy costs, radiotherapy charges, pacemaker charges, fees for organ or blood donation and many others. Hospitalization up to 30 days is covered under a mediclaim policy.
(2) Hospitalisation : One may need to get hospitalized at some point of time in his/her lifetime. However, certain procedure like a cataract operation does no longer require hospitalization. For this reason, charges for cataract are reimbursed without hospitalization.
(3) One cannot make profits from mediclaim repayment “ That is one reason why insurance agencies either re-reimburse the costs in lieu to submission of bills or they make payment without delay to the medical institution. Coverage holder can’t make profits from the claims.

It is advisable for you to use an online insurance web aggregator to get the best mediclaim policy for your family. In the online market, you will be able to get free quotes for best mediclaim policy for family, individuals, spouse to name a few. Within a few minutes, you will be able to buy your desired policy. By searching and registering for a mediclaim insurance policy online you will be able to save your hard earned money and time as well.

(Disclaimer: Writer is Naval Goel, CEO & Founder of Views expressed are personal opinion.)

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