ayushman bharat

Ayushman CardsIn a bid to fast-forward the implementation process of Ayushman Bharat, the Government is planning to print and hand-deliver family card under the scheme, touted as worlds largest Government funded health care scheme.

The Government will deliver about 110 million (11 crore) cards to the family of beneficiaries, identified under the scheme. Ayushman Pakhwaras’ will also be established in villages to make the process an easy and hassle free endeavour. Around six to eight crore families will be provided the Ayushman card.

Here is a brief detail of the plan:

Details about the Ayushman Card

  • The family card will contain names of the eligible individuals
  • Along with the card a letter will also be issued intimating each beneficiary about the features of the scheme
  • It is being said initially a single card will be provided to each family. Every beneficiary of the family will get a card after they reach the designated hospital for treatment
  • The strategy is to inform identified beneficiaries about the scheme

Call centres will be established too

  • A 24X7 call centre with toll free number will be set-up at Centre as well as in every State
  • Initially these centers will make people aware about the scheme.
  • One the scheme will be launched; these call centres guide beneficiaries about which hospital he/she should approach for a particular ailment
  • Information will be provided about nearest hospital in the area of his/her residence
  • There will be facility to register their suggestions and complaints as well

How card will reach to beneficiaries?

  • The service provider will deliver the card
  • It will print the card and sort into bundles as per the area code and then deliver them to the particular family
  • The letters would be sent to gram panchayats and distributed during Ayushman Pakhwaras

Ayushman Bharat to be launched on August 15?

  • As per the reports, the Government is aiming to launch the scheme on August 15
  • The scheme has provision to provide coverage of Rs 5 lakh per family annually
  • It will benefit more than 10 crore poor and vulnerable families
  • 80 per cent of beneficiaries, based on the Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) data in the rural and 60 per cent in the urban areas have been identified till now

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