July 2017

IVH Enabling an Integrated Tertiary Care Ecosystem

India Virtual Hospital (IVH) is a tech-enabled integrated tertiary care ecosystem addressing the needs of Medical Travellers (domestic and international) looking for quality medical treatments in Indian hospitals and healthcare centres. A professional organisation with doctors, healthcare professionals, patient guides on board, IVH team is trained to support and help patients to manage their medical and surgical care away from home, says Swadeep Srivastava, Managing Partner & Founder, India Virtual Hospital, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q. What are the challenges faced by Patients going for Tertiary Care Treatment?

There are numerous challenges faced by patients especially medical travellers (travelling to other city) when they are advised for procedures/ operations. They are not aware of the right treatment, right doctor, right hospital and right cost. Most of these queries are to get the right and credible information due to acute lack of trust on the existing referral system or any credible system to help them choose best of medical care. Every month, several patients go back home unsatisfied because of bad experience in their patient journey.

Q. How India Virtual Hospital is making a difference?

A medical traveller or his family member has to just call us at our health line number: 09999- 668-222, or visit our website www. IndiaVirtualHospital.com, to inform about their tertiary care treatment requirement. Thereafter, the IVH team takes over either through tele-consultation or the Patient Care Champion (PCC) enrolled under our Expanded Patient Care Programme who works as a caregiver to patients in their city. IVH PCP is backed by our robust module of patient education and counselling programme run by our in-house doctors and patient counsellors.


Information is power. IVH Patient Education Series strive to create an organised and professional process of decision-making by empowering patients with right and relevant information in an unbiased and neutral way and facilitating them at every step for smooth and seamless patient care experience.

Rai Umraopati Ray
Co-Founder & Lead, Patient Education,
India Virtual Hospital

There are glaring gaps in the patient care services that leave patients & their care at a disadvantage leading to sub optimal services and low patient satisfaction level. The services of India Virtual Hospital are game changer in the healthcare industry of India as it empowers patients at every stage of the patients journey. The whole objective of IVH is to provide seamless and smooth experience to patient and its family members, right from the diagnosis to treatment to follow-up stage.

Dr Ravi Prakash
Medical Advisor, India Virtual Hospital

IVH has a robust technology along with a state-of-art specially designed Hybrid Mobile App which comes with Dual Interface, one for the Channel Partners/ IVH Patient Care Partners and the second one for the Patients & their Families.

Gaurav Pandey
Co-Founder & Lead, IT & Technology,
India Virtual Hospital


Q. How do you decide on the treatment cost and quality of services to be offered to a patient?

IVH has a policy to negotiate best with the tertiary care super-specialist hospitals of all categories and offer transparent costing to its consumers. Since, our module is neutral so the patients can make their own choice to select what suits them the best. IVH only plays the role of an expert advisor.

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