Surgivisor: Offering assistance to patients advised surgery

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Today, many online platforms are trying to bridge the gap between patients, doctors and hospitals, guiding them to make a sensible choice. Surgivisor being prominent among them has helped more than 300 surgeries in a short span of four months by assisting patients and their family to choose the right hospital and doctor for various medical surgeries through their online platform, says Sumeet Khanna, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Surgivisor.

Fifty-four-year old Suresh Mittal, a businessman by profession was constantly feeling pain in the right abdomen area which was often left neglected due to his hectic work schedule. However, a severe pain in the same area caused him to rush to the nearby hospital where the ultrasound report suggested a 5cm lump inside the kidney. His family was later informed of possible chances of this being a cancer.

That time we didnt knew what to do, which hospital to choose, which doctor is best in these cases and many more questions like this we were in a very confused state, says Sureshs daughter Sonia.

It was an advertisement in a newspaper that helped Suresh and his family to make an informed choice.

I read about SURGIVISOR in Newspaper Ad and contacted them. The SURGIVISOR team helped a lot in my fathers treatment. Their medical expert suggested me the best hospital for cancer treatment keeping in mind my locality and budget. From appointment booking to Specialist Doctor meeting, the team at Surgivisor helped me at each step, she adds.

After CT scan, my father was diagnosed with a stage 2 Renal Cancer. His Radical Nephrectomy went really well at Dharamshila hospital, New Delhi. The cancer is completely eliminated from his body, and he has completed the treatment successfully. He is living a normal active life now, all thanks to Surgivisor and Dharamshila Hospital.

Surgivisors customised technology and algorithm based platform serves as one-stop solution for each patient to search from a database of 350+ hospitals, 6,000+ doctors, 1,500+ surgeries and 50+ medical specialties. No matter in which part of the country you are, you have easy access to different healthcare service providers on the basis of procedures, doctors, location, services, insurance, etc under one roof.

Co-founded by Sumeet Khanna, a healthcare expert with over 20 years of experience, Surgivisor turned out to be a dream come true. It all started when he identified the gap between a patient who has been advised a surgery and health care service provider (hospital or surgeon) who does that surgery. A simple thought which later converted in his vision to provide accessible and affordable services related to surgeries through a single platform and pass on the benefits to the patients.

The thought was discussed with two serial entrepreneurs and heads of prominent business conglomerate, Arvind Bajaj (Managing Director, Amar Shoes) and Pankaj Bajaj (Managing Director of Eldeco infrastructure and Properties Ltd (EIPL)). The thought was then collectively taken to another level by them and turned into a full-fledged service model. Their entrepreneur experience and guidance has helped shaping the roadmap.

The seed funding was done by both to create this visionary platform. This led to the inception of Surgivisor in January 2016, which now has 20+ team of healthcare professionals, with vast experience of healthcare industry.

 In the primary stage, our focus was to add relevant hospitals and other super specialty service providers in Delhi NCR. Currently, we have tied up with 350+ hospitals and Super specialty Clinics in Delhi NCR. So the growth for addition of hospitals have been remarkably great with only 10 hospitals in the first month to 350+ hospitals till October and the number is on the rise continuously. We look forward to extend the facility within 300-400 km radius of Delhi NCR, Khanna says.

The data displayed on their site is transparent and verified. Its a four-stage process where help taken from their partner hospitals. The hospitals mentioned on the website comes under certain criteria along with an official MOU or agreement, unlike many other players who have no formal engagement.

Their forte is dealing with critical medical issues, mostly surgeries. The impact of one unorganised surgery at human life is disastrous from money issues to health concern. The in-house medical experts and on board doctors assist the patients in understanding more about his/her condition and treatment options. They are backed by KPO supervised by Medical professionals which gives counseling sessions and advice to patients & family.

For Surgivisor, from query generation to understanding patients requirement and fixing an appointment takes not more than 30 min approx. Once a patient or user explains his requirement, their medical advisor assist them in choosing the best Hospital and Doctor, keeping in mind their location, budget, insurance company and various other parameters suiting their requirement. Accordingly an appointment is fixed and a confirmation mail and message is sent to both patients and hospitals immediately.

Additionally, efforts are made to provide smooth, convenient and hassel-free process for the patients by facilitating the end-to-end hospitalization requirements.  Their team of experts looks into all aspects of the patients travel and facilitates the doctor consultations with the patient much before.

 Hundreds of frauds have been reported in the name of cheap treatment and medical tourism in India alone. Thus, making our role crucial and our role enhances with our platform giving all the answers of the queries of the patients for selecting a hospital and surgeon, says Rahul Sharma, Senior VP Operations.

 To ensure credibility and excellence in our service, we regularly monitor potential service failures or any issue concerning the treatment or procedure of the surgery by the patient and provide the most effective solution without impacting patient in any which way, says Dr Saurabh Soni, a clinical professional.

However, the journey wasnt easy.

Making our partners understand and accept the concept was the biggest hurdle, however with an experienced team of the hospital/healthcare industry, it was not too difficult for us to crack on the bottlenecks. Then creating a robust search specific platform was another challenge, Khanna  says.

Platform had to be user-friendly with relevant information and meeting the expectations of the user. The content should be correct, transparent, credible, reliable and unbiased, with website giving best user experience. Data Collection, Data Mining, Data Mapping and Search Optimization were additional challenges that we worked on and then sensitizing people to make informed decision, he adds.

Over the next few months the team of Surgivisor plans to intend to become major reference and guiding point for all the surgical needs of patients and partner with OPD doctors who want to refer patients to best facilities, surgeons and hospitals.

 Two years down the line we see ourselves addressing queries and become reference point of international patients who wants to come to India for treatment and looking forward for best options, says Khanna.

Increase use of smart phones and faster internet connectivity has given users a new horizon to find anything and everything online. With this the patient awareness has also increased. They can search about various diseases and their related surgeries. Ease of data availability has enhanced their thoughts and choices.

So, there is an excellent opportunity for both user and Surgivisor.

Surgivisor is bridging the gap in between patients and Hospitals by enabling people, both in India and abroad, to access transparent, reliable and unbiased information. Their services help patients to stay in their homes longer, save money, and have peace of mind.



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