January 2017

Looking for New Horizons of GROWTH

Dr Shankar Narang, Chief Operating Offi cer, Paras Healthcare

Paras Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare providers in India with focus on accessibility, affordability and quality, is looking for new horizons of growth under the leadership of Dr Shankar Narang, Chief Operating Offi cer, Paras Healthcare. With plans afoot to bridge the healthcare gap in Tier-II cities of North India, Dr Narang tells Elets News Network (ENN) how the group will go about it and what are the key differentiators that separate it from other leaders in the Indian healthcare space.


As the Chief Operating Offi cer of Paras Healthcare, what are your plans to improve operational effi ciency of the group hospitals?

Paras Healthcare is a unique hospital chain that differentiates from the other healthcare providers by delivering affordable, accessible and quality care. It is an honour to be associated with the only healthcare provider in India that has been able to cross 1000 beds without any equity funding.

Paras Healthcare as per the organisation vision is set to expand to number of other cities in city and abroad. As the COO it shall be my endeavour to focus on clinical structuring, operational efficiency, evidence based medicine, inclusion of the best HR based practices, quality orientation and training along with patient feedback and gap bridging.


My background in operations and costing shall help me streamline the healthcare operations and set certain systems that aim at cost optimisation. Man power utilisation and robust clinical protocols shall govern our policies.

Patient feedback, customer relationship management and above all IT practices that can help bridge the gap between the patient and the doctors shall be introduced.

We, at Paras Healthcare, strongly feel that operational efficiency is a goal set for the entire organisation; each department plays a pivotal role in ensuring the deliverance of the endeavour.

Please apprise us about the hospital groups key achievements and its USP.

Paras Healthcare is a provider for the common man. We are positioned as community players and ensure that we always provide facilities and services based on three tenets of healthcare delivery “ Accessibility, Affordability and Quality.

Our endeavours have been instrumental in bridging the healthcare gap and empowering the common man with access to affordable, accessible and quality care.

PARAS GURGAON “ The flag ship hospital is positioned as most accessible and affordable healthcare provider.

PARAS PATNA “ The first corporate hospital of Bihar has been instrumental in providing specialised cancer, cardiac, ortho and kidney care facilities to the state. Largest private healthcare provider in Bihar and first to provide kidney transplant facility, bone marrow transplant unit , PET CT and 128 Slice CT Scan Facility in Bihar.

PARAS DARBHANGA “ The first cardiac and critical unit of Mithilanchal. The hospital has empowered the region with 24X7 specialised care in neurosciences, cardiology, ortho & trauma care.

PARAS PANCHKULA “ The specialised mother & child care centre is the first in the region to provide fetal medicine expertise in the Tricity. It is also the first boutique maternity care hospital to provide perinatal care.

PARAS NEW DELHI “ An affordable and specialised mother & child care centre that aims at providing maternity care, neonatology care along with special programs for the mother and the new born.

PARAS PANCHKULA* – The first multi super specialty and cancer care hospital of the region.

PARAS NOIDA*- The first green mother and child care centre of the region.

Which key services differentiate you as a healthcare provider?

We specialise in providing those specialties that the region needs. In Gurgaon we have the best neurosciences services. The team of doctors under the guidance of Dr (Prof) VS Mehta, Padmashree, provides the best neurology, neurosurgery diagnosis and treatment protocols. They are the only in the region to specialise in deep seated tumours. Other centres of excellence such as cardiology, joint replacement surgery and kidney transplant provide affordable and quality care to the common man.

In Patna, we are the first in the state to provide a comprehensive cancer care centre equipped with Bihars and Jharkhands first PET CT and latest third generation radiation technology. We also specialise in orthopedics and trauma care under Dr John Mukhopadhaya.

In Darbhanga, we specialise in providing emergency care services along with cardiology, neurosciences and ortho care.

In Panchkula, we specialise in providing Fetal Medicine “ the only centre in the tricity that specialises in the expertise.

Over the years through our due diligence and research we have been able to bridge the gap of medical services and provide super specialty care that the region needs the most.

What are your expansion plans in near future?

The expansion strategy of Paras Healthcare has been broken into two phases; Phase 1 is from 2015 to 2020 and Phase 2 is from 2021 to 2028. Expansion will primarily be in Tier 2 cities of North India. Our target is cities with a population of 2m+ that have a Medical College. The focus will be on establishing tertiary care centers that focus on oncology, cardiology, orthopedics and neurology. These will evolve into specialised transplant centres.

By 2020, Paras Healthcare intends to establish tertiary healthcare facilities in other Tier-II and Tier-III cities too, to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Five years from now we will have bed strength of 1,500.

Paras Healthcare works on the principle of bridging the gap – by providing exceptional medical expertise, infrastructure and technology to areas that lack the same.

What are the key values underpinning the hospitals vision and philosophy? 

Paras Healthcare works on the principle of bridging the gap – by providing exceptional medical expertise, infrastructure and technology to areas that lack the same. Paras Healthcare through its various endeavors has been able to initiate a healthcare revolution numerous areas.

Paras mainly adheres to its three tenets of healthcare “ present accessibility of healthcare in the region, presence of affordable healthcare at the location and existence of a specialised quality healthcare provider.

Please tell us about some recent initiatives undertaken by the group.

Paras Healthcare has just taken the following initiatives at Paras Patna and Paras Darbhanga :

  • Launched the first 128 slice CT machine in Bihar to provide exceptional radio-diagnosis
  • Launched the first kidney transplant centre in Bihar
  • Launched the first bone marrow transplant unit in Bihar
  • Launched the first cardiac care unit in Darbhanga “ equipped with the latest cath lab and cardiac surgery operation theatre.

We have also announced a new multi-super speciality hospital in Panchkula “ Paras Hospitals, Panchkula. Expected to commence operations within a year, this will be the first hospital in Panchkula to provide latest and most comprehensive cancer care facilities including medical, surgical, radiation and nuclear medicine services. The hospital will focus on a range of specialties including cardiac sciences (cardithoracic and vascular surgery and cath lab services), neurosciences (neurology and neurosurgery), orthopedics and joint replacement, and trauma.

The coming financial year will also witness the launch of Paras Bliss, Noida – The first dedicated mother and child care facility in the city with expertise in the fields of fetal medicine and development supportive care for neonates.

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