January 2017


Having delivered a wide array of projects ranging from upgradation of existing medical departments to development of new hospital on turnkey basis, Sunil Agarwal, Country Head of Enraf Nonius Projects India Ltd, sees innumerous opportunities for cooperation between Indian and Dutch healthcare sectors in areas ranging from R&D of new medicines to healthcare products, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN). Excerpts:


As a supplier of turnkey healthcare projects, what are the key opportunities you see emerging in India?

The Indian healthcare industry is very advanced and we can learn a lot from it. India offers innovative, sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions for a large population. There are many potential fields for co-operation ranging from research and development of new medicines to healthcare products. However, the healthcare delivery market is not well balanced. There is a big well developed private market in India, but the services of the public market are not so well organised as compared to the private sector, which is a big challenge.

The Netherlands, where Enraf Nonius Projects India Ltds parent company Enraf-Nonius B.V. is based, is home to a vibrant life science health cluster of more than 2,200 life science and medi tech companies and research organisations “ all within a 120-mile radius. Holland is the most geographically concentrated region in the world when it comes to creating economic and social value in life science and health.


The LSH sector includes a number of closely related industries including Philips, a world leader in medical imaging and patient monitoring, and DSM, a biomaterials leader. Expertise in healthcare infrastructure is characterised by a turn-key plus approach. Dutch companies are able to cover all aspects ranging from hospital design and engineering, financing and waste management to medical equipment while paying special attention to energy efficiency and healing enjoinments.

The excellent medical research infrastructure is strongly focused on translational research in different medical fields such as oncology, cardiovascular, immunology and neuroscience. Our company is a global market leader in mobile healthcare, which enables to contribute to rural healthcare in developing countries around the globe. We have an excellent research and innovation portfolio in a number of niches, such as vaccination, antibiotic resistance and polio.

Dutch healthcare ranks number one compared to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. The Netherlands is consistent number one in the ranking of the Euro- Health Consumer Index.

India has a lot to contribute to the Netherlands healthcare sector by offering joint research and opening up the market for joint development of equipment and medical devices. The management for running a private hospital could be of added value to the Dutch system.

What are the key target markets for EN-Projects?

As a turnkey contractor we design, build, equip, train, maintain and finance and we are open to any market across the globe.

What are the key components of a world-class hospital and how do you put them together?

The key components of a world-class hospital include hospital building and infrastructure; healthy aging including rehabilitation; health systems strengthening including e-health and management; medical devices, equipment and medical technology; education and training; best practice sharing and alignment with national health policies of the respective countries. We bring all these components together to deliver a world-class infrastructure.

Being involved in all development phases of a healthcare facility, what are the major challenges you face in markets like Asia, Africa and Middle- East?

The challenges we faced in the market like Asia, Africa and Middle East include accessibility due to poor health care infrastructure; affordability owing to low relative purchasing power; and uncertain government relations.

  • Sri Lanka Ministry of Health — Hambantota Hospital
  • Sri Lanka Ministry of Health — Nuwara Eliya Hospital
  • Ghana Ministry of Health — Winneba Specialist Trauma Hospital
  • Ghana Ministry of Health — Tarkwa District Hospital
  • China — Shaoxing Hospital
  • China — Dalian Hospital
  • Saint Lucia — EU Owen King Hospital
  • Saint Lucia — Dental Clinics
  • UAE — Kalba Hospital
  • Gambia Ministry of Health & Social Welfare — annual drugs supply
  • Gambia Ministry of Health & Social Welfare — Serekunda, Bwiam and Soma Hospitals
  • Ghana Ministry of Health, 16 Rehabilitation Centres
  • Ghana Ministry of Health, 21 dental clinics
  • Indonesia Police Department, 7 Police Hospitals
  • Indonesia Ministry of Health, 54 Medical Rehabilitation Centres
  • Nigeria Ministry of Health, National doping laboratory
  • Mexico, PESP energy efficient Hospital design
  • China Ministry of Health, Koshin Beck and Rehabilitation Centres
  • Philippines, Adventist Hospital
  • Niger Ministry of Health, Niamey Hospital
  • Libya Ministry of Health, Al Baida Hospital
  • Libya Ministry of Education, Garyounis University Medical Hospital
  • Kenya, Kenyatta Hospital Pharmacy Production Department
  • Jordan, National Oil CO. Ras Lanuf Hospital

How had been the bygone year for EN-Projects? What are your targets for 2017 and beyond?

2016 was a fantastic year for us. Many projects are there in pipeline. We are dealing with Government of Telangana for construction of a 4,250 bed hospital and we are also building a 2,000 bed hospital in Andhra Pradesh. We have an ongoing 250-bed hospital project in Suriname and a 200-bed hospital in Fizi. We have received grants from the Dutch goverment for a project in Mozambique, a 300-bed hospital in Papua New Guinea, a 250-bed healthcare facility for Cape Vedra and Jamaica. We are also in touch with the Government of Iran and the Republic of the Congo for hospital projects. All these projects will be financed, designed, built and equipped by Enraf Nonius group.

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