GoogleIn yet another effort towards their vision of empowering people with credible and quality Healthcare information, Apollo Hospitals has worked with Google to add health information to Googles Knowledge Graph.

This new feature aims to give people access to health information quickly and easily. (

The Health Card is a highly standardised and reader friendly format of information that gets presented on the Google search engine. The health card aims to help consumers and peoples access and appreciate information quickly and easily.

So now, when you ask Google about common health conditions, youll start getting relevant medical facts right up front youll be able to see typical symptoms, as well as details on how common the condition is”whether its critical, if its contagious, what ages it affects, and more. For some conditions youll also see high-quality illustrations from licensed medical illustrators.

All the medical information that gets presented in the cards is reviewed and certified by the Specialists of Apollo Hospitals. As and when the information is searched for, Apollo Hospitals is mentioned in the Health Card as the source of information.

Aim is to empower people with accurate, appropriate and easy to understand information so as to support them and provide a framework from which they can have a better conversation with their doctor or dive deeper on the web. Since the advent of internet, and access to a variety of health related information, consumers have been attempting to find answers and classifications to many of their health concerns from the internet. To empower todays connected patient, consultants from Apollo Hospitals across locations have come together for this initiative and support it with their inputs to validate medical information on web on health concerns ranging from a diaper rash to a heart attack..

Speaking on the launch, Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited said, Apollo Hospitals has always been committed to providing the digital dividend to all Indians. We are very proud to have partnered on this initiative with Google. With India being on the verge of a major digital revolution, internet has become the most powerful tool and is the apt platform to connect with our consumers. At Apollo Hospitals, we have always used technology to its optimum use and for the benefit of patients. With the launch of the Health Card Project, we aim to take this initiative to greater heights and provide quality healthcare information which can be accessed by a billion Indian.

The Apollo Hospitals Group has always been a pioneer in amalgamating Information, Communication and Technology with Healthcare Services, said Dr Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited. Our joint effort with Google to add health information to the Knowledge Graph in India is yet another step in this direction. Apollo Hospital has always been deeply committed to delivering quality healthcare to enrich the lives of the people in every possible way. The abundant experience and expertise of our consultants was drawn towards providing clinical validation of the cards to spread the message of awareness and prevention of diseases among our fellow citizens.

Spokesperson from Google India commented, Around the world, health conditions are among the most important things that people ask Google about. In fact, one in 20 searches are for health-related information explained Prem  Ramaswami, Senior Product Manager at Google.

We worked closely with Apollo Hospitals and a team of local and international doctors to curate and validate this information so that people in India can now find accurate and useful health information when they need it.”

The health cards will have information about common health conditions including typical symptoms and treatments, risk factors, details on how common the condition is, how critical or contagious it is and more. A web-link to the licensed medical websites and online portals will be available for more details on the condition post launch.

Health information in is now live and can be accessed via Google on your Android or iOS phone or tablet, as well as your mobile and desktop browser.

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