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Shubhanshu Joshi


Shubhanshu Joshi
MD & CEO at
Life Science Vision Group

Shubhanshu Joshi plays the twin role of resultdriven Joint MD & CEO at Life Science Vision Group. A true technology enthusiast at heart and a healthcare entrepreneur by profession, Joshi talks about his global venture LSV Group, its products and plans in an interview with T Radhakrishna of Elets News Network (ENN).

Elaborate your business vision for Life Science Vision Group.

LSV Group is a leading international healthcare technology service and solution provider, serving clients in over 20 countries, including Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Conceptualised in the corridors of University College London in 2009, formally incorporated in 2013, the group is in the forefront of developing networking platforms, which serve as an interface for new ways of communication and transaction between multiple stakeholders (patients, HCPs and providers) in the healthcare industry and dashboard solutions bridging gaps in the life science and pharmaceutical industry.


We do our activities in six business segments health tech solutions, digital healthcare and medical communications, software solutions (Pharma and Life Science, exclusively), consulting services, media, conferences and publications, and Research and Analytics (high-end predictive analytics for Pharma, CROs and biotech).

Also, LSV Group (under its venture arm) has created Indias first startup studio for digital healthcare andlife science companies. Working on a builder agency-led business model, we often conceptualise, develop and seedfund new projects. Selected growth ideas are then spun-out under different corporate entities during 2015-16 fiscal: Doyen, Healthacto, Movemeds, Blackboard Health, Digimedx, Digipeutics and Bigbox Health Care are some of our new projects.

How do you position your services?

We started our journey as a pure play healthcare technology services provider and later established Indias first and leading startup studio in the field of healthcare and life science industry. We conceptualise, develop, fund and scale high-growth potential ideas into commercially scalable businesses creating unmatched value for our investors, stakeholders and users. Building on our success starting individual companies, we have created a place where multiple ideas and teams are nurtured through the seed stage and then to debut as independent startups. We strongly believe that with the help of technology, we can make healthcare more effective for patients with medical conditions. Our companies provide patients with meaningful information to help manage their condition and provide HCPs unprecedented insight into patients medication taking and daily habits so right intervention can be made to achieve the desired health outcome.

Which are the industries you focus on? How do you differentiate your expertise?

The entire healthcare & life science ecosystem is striving to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by adopting technological advances such as Big Data, cloud, mobility, social media, predictive analytics and digitalisation, which are leading to simplified operating environments despite the constantly changing and evolving regulatory ecosystem. Patient centricity is driving the life sciences and healthcare industry, leading to an enhanced collaboration amongst life science companies, healthcare IT service providers and payer organisations. Leading the way is Life Science Vision Group as your trusted and valued business partner.

Healthcare: At LSV Group, we apply our strength as leading international integrated healthcare services provider to deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth in the industry. We are driven by the passion of excellence in healthcare services and the idea of creating a highly trusted network of companies, which focus on delivering affordable and accessible quality healthcare for all. We invest in ideas in the healthcare sector, develop and market them. This will bring change in the way we deal with healthcare. The solutions we provide reflect insights generated by our diverse global network of consultants and industry experts. Our in-depth domain expertise ensures our capability to deliver on our commitments. Above all, we have made it our first priority to serve needs of healthcare end users. This commitment is reflected in our culture that values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence.

Patient centricity is driving the life sciences and healthcare industry, leading to an enhanced collaboration amongst life science companies, healthcare IT service providers and payer organisations. Leading the way is Life Science Vision Group as your trusted and valued business partner

Life Sciences (Industrial Biotechnology): We are passionate about how big data can help life science companies to innovate and progress at a faster pace. We are in process of establishing COBI (Center of Biotechnology Innovation) with Fermentek Biotechnology with a leading Indian academic institute, whereas our first project we will be exploring options to produce high value eco-friendly biobased chemicals from renewable feed stocks at lab scale, which have similar chemical characteristics as their petroleum counterparts.

What is the USP of your products? How do they help the ecosystem of healthcare?

We are rolling out some of our products in a phased manner during 2016. They include Healthacto, Doyen, Movemeds, Docmesh, Diabacto and KidHealthacto. Healthacto is a fully integrated healthcare information and education network which works as a single interface for multiple transactions and conversations among multiple stakeholders involved with chronic disease management. It empowers patients to better manage their conditions by providing them highly curated tools over the web and mobile platforms. It is managed by our spin-off concern Healthacto Technologies. Doyen is a fully integrated digital healthcare and wellness clinic exclusively for women. is a subscription free online practice management tool designed by doctors for doctors. is desktop/ web and iOS app designed and developed to serve patients suffering from Type-I Diabetes. is an interactive online portal for paediatric patients suffering from different life threatening therapeutic conditions. This is being developed by our spin off DigiMedX and will work as a digital education resource for kids so they can easily understand their conditions and follow their medication regime in a better manner.

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