cancerThe engineers of the institute of Precision Engineering at Chinese University of Hong Kong have created a 3D-printed tadpole- like medical device to improve cancer diagnosis.

The device called Tadpole Endoscope (TE) is inspired from the mechanics used by tadpoles to swim like a micro-robot fish with a camera which is swallowed by the patient.

TE stands out from existing wireless capsule endoscopes with addition of a soft tail that allows it to be guided around the stomach remotely by a doctor, allowing for more comprehensive imaging and accurate location of problems within the body.

Cancers of gastrointestinal (GI) tract stands second among all types of cancers in the world. It includes oesophagus cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer. This device attempts to improve these existing methods by offering a reliable, non-invasive diagnosis procedure for the GI tract.

So far TE has been tested in a stomach model and a pig stomach without the image system.

The research was published in the journal HKIE Transactions.

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