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Naeem Ahmad, Manager-Business Development, Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd.,interacts with Japneet Sabharwal, ENN, regarding healthcare products fordifferent segments on web based platform


How do you perceive the market for HIS & HMIS in India?
In this competitive era HIS providers must be updated about the latest technology, and it should be made available in market. This will improve the product and enhance user experience. Providers should be always active in research and development of the software to get updated with the latest technology and current market demand. Akhil Systems since last 20 years developed its product from DOS- based system to cloud- based systems as per market demand.

What are the unique HIS/HMIS solutions you have designed for Indian healthcare?
MIRACLE HIS: Its a web-based, comprehensive and complete solution designed for automation of front office, back office and administrative services for a single and group of hospitals & satellite clinics.
MIRACLE Express & MIRACLE Premium HIS: This product is offered to a small and medium hospital for automation of their various departments.
MIRACLE EMR: This is a web-based solution designed for complete automation of a single clinic with single specialty, multispecialty polyclinic and chain of clinics. Patient Clinical Information is also available on Patient Portal, which can be accessed by the patient or doctor from anywhere anytime. This can be integrated withHospital Information System also if required by any of the hospital. It has inbuilt templates for over 50 specialties. CareLIS/RIS: Designed for complete automations single lab and chain of laboratories & radiology centers. The application will also offer interfaces with lab machines, bar-code, and PACS for online viewing of radiology images on the doctors computers. It can generate various statistical reports and Turn-around Time (TAT) report. It has user-defined result templates. CarePIS: Designed for warehouse, chain of pharmacy retail outlets with CIMS database integration. PACS: We provide PACS and mini- PACS from our partners as well.

On the technology front, what are the new developments that have come up in this field?
) One of the latest emerging solution is web based HIS to manage hospital operations. It can be hosted on the cloud. The benefit of web based HIS is that it allows the application to run on multiple servers and at various locations suitable for chains of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacy.


)EHR system is the one piece of health technology that has received more attention than any other over the past several years. Various renowned hospitals like Apollo Hospitals (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Lagoon Group of Hospitals (Nigeria), Saket City Hospital (New Delhi), Paras Group of Hospitals (Gurgaon), Shanti hospital (Bangalore), BL Kapur Hospital (Delhi), Frontier life line hospital (Chennai), RenaiMedicity (Cohchin) etc. are already using EHR developed by Akhil Systems and we receive enquires regarding EHR almost every day.

)Over the past several years, the omnipresence of smartphones, tablets and their applications has been one of the biggest cultural shifts in the hospital setting, as well as society at large. The iPad, which has almost become a default tablet, has countless popular apps for physicians and utives, ranging from medical calculators and medical terminology to clinical presentations and actual EHRs.

) Patient Portals is an online tool for patients is also one of the latest technologies now available in market. Through this, patients can get online test results, access their clinical records etc.

What are the advantages, the solutions offered to the hospital caregivers?
These solutions benefits in several ways to the hospital like it automates hospital operations, improves workflow and easy access to information, reduces medical and billing errors, provides more satisfaction and a better hospital visit experience to patients, creates analytical reports for management and decision makers, save time with auto-appointment reminder, patient questions can be addressed at the staffs convenience, save time per patient visit and generate better documentation to support billing, increase patient convenience and satisfaction, generate additional revenue etc. Through patient portal, patient can be able to see online test results, schedule appointment, access online patient clinical records etc. Also SMS to be sent to patient & doctors for appointments, lab results etc.

Through patientportal, patientcan be able tosee online testresults, scheduleappointment,access onlinepatient clinicalrecords etc.

With over decades of exposure and experience in healthcare, how do you visualize and uate the IT transformation?
The Indian healthcare segment is highly fragmented in nature, and has relatively low exposure to IT. As compared to other countries, the percentage of IT spending on healthcare with respect to GDP is quite low. Hence, the potential to transform existing processes using IT is huge in Indian healthcare.

IT illiteracy and lack of awareness often act as initial obstacles for health IT players. Did you face similar challenges?
Our HIS is so user friendly that it covers maximum customization as and when required. Akhil Systems is focused on healthcare domain for past 20 years. Over these years we have faced many challenges in India. Among these, IT illiteracy majorly contributes as a challenging obstacle, especially in some hospitals. Due to lack of IT expertise, user training can be challenging as they resist adopting the changes. Also, due to IT illiteracy there is lack of standardization in implementing as user want function as per their convenience all the time which may or may not technically feasible with HIS sometimes. We try to overcome this challenge by offering customization wherever possible but it increases cost of the projects.

Security is an integral aspect of Health IT Infrastructure. Whats your take on this?
Any attempt to introduce computerized health-care information systems should guarantee adequate protection of the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. Akhil systems has recently got ISO 27000:2005 to comply with Information Security Management Systems standard for our product.on

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