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Dr Cliff Bleustein, Director – Global Healthcare Consulting, Dell Services, who joined Dell in 2013, talks generously with Ekta Srivastava, ENN, about the emerging market of Healthcare IT and new developments

The Healthcare IT sector in India is on a constant growth path. What kind of positive impact will this growth have on the healthcare delivery segment?
Health IT in India over past five years has seen transformational change. Led by private players, IT is being adopted in an accelerated pace with government also catching up quite fast. We are also seeing government focus around Healthcare IT policy and guidelines, especially around EHR/EMR standards. Traditionally, Health IT adoption in India used to be more to do with telecommunications, hardware, networking, etc. That is changing now, with focus and interest shifted to adoption of a better and wider set of software.
Currently, in 2013, Gartner estimates India Healthcare IT for physician and hospital market to be approximately USD 1 billion. If you also add healthcare payer and Life Sciences IT market, the number is about USD 1.7 billion. These numbers include hardware, internal services, software, IT services and telecommunications. The healthcare provider market is expected to grow at an accelerated pace in the years to come at upwards of seven percent year on year for next 3-5 years. Software and internal IT services spend is increasing faster.

Could you please share an overview of the solutions that Dell Services is offering to the Indian healthcare industry?
In addition to a host of solutions that we have for the developed healthcare IT markets in the West, we are also focused on bringing solutions customised for Indian healthcare market. One of them will be Cloud based solutions set covering most of the requirements of an Indian healthcare customer “ including HIS, ERP, EMR and other value added solution stack. We are also offering mobility solutions, social media and analytics customised for healthcare customers.

What are some of the advantages that set Dell Services ahead of its peers in India?
Dell brings in a huge healthcare IT experience of over 20 years, especially from a healthcare provider IT perspective, which, very few of our peers are able to bring to the table. Dell has been ranked number one globally in healthcare IT services by Gartner for the third consecutive time this year. We do end-to-end services for healthcare providers, right from revenue cycle services to electronic medical records implementation and support. We are a complete solution provider “ across services, infrastructure, hardware and software, which again is a big differentiator.

What are the new trends of Health IT in India and what are the emerging new technologies?
We are expecting to see a considerable interest in a combination of HIS and ERP, especially on cloud. Also, EMR adoption is steadily increasing in private and government sector, though it will take higher impetus from government to accelerate the same. However, clearly EMR adoption is expected to be the next big wave of healthcare IT trend in the near future.
We are seeing a high level of interest in mobility solutions for healthcare workers including doctors and nurses. Clinical, financial and other operational analytics are generating quite an excitement but willingness to invest in them is yet to be seen.

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