Name of the project: Use of Nurses in Teleconsultation for Patients in Remote Areas
Applicant: Department of IT JPNATC AIIMS
Implementing agency: Department of IT JPNATC AIIMS
About the project: New Cadre of Nurses has created a group called Nurse Informatics Specialists (NIS) that connects the nurses posted in the Emergency Department (ED) to help patients when patient calls in the call center. Their calls get transferred to this NIS. In case of medical queries, nurses look up the EMR and discusses query with concerned doctor in ED and gives answer. A teleconsult note in the EMR is then entered.

Objective: To uate tele-consultation using nurses to handle patient queries
Target group: Follow up patients in remote areas
Strength areas: The project is using nurses and call center as human middleware instead of expensive equipments. With 24X7 availability of telemedicine this is an end to end integration of software and manpower.
Achievements: User friendly and single point of contact for any telemedicine consult (call centre number 011-40401010), the system provides 24X7 resolutions of the queries.
Key challenges: Convincing administration to involve nurses in telemedicine and integrating software.Motivating nurses, training call center staff and documenting each telemedicine episode in EMR has emerged as the biggest challenge for the project

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