August 2013

IT as an Enabler

Ashvini Danigond, CEO and utive Director Manorama Infosolutions feels IT in healthcare has been crucial yet it needs to explore some new medical services

Tell us about the healthcare IT scenario in India?

The Healthcare IT requires a proper awareness and adequate allocation of funds, man resource & research. It should further restructure / reform the scenario not just to find health solutions in metros but also for the common man residing at a very remote location in our country. IT has started playing an effective role in hospital management, but it still needs to explore with different medical services. IT can reach anyplace, anytime with single experts of medical faculty. It needs to be handled by a good district network of public health, Government of India. The healthcare practice needs to incorporate globalisation with healthcare IT advantage, under the support of World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Indian hospital management does not allocate good enough budget for the required IT infrastructure and software

What are the challenges faced by the IT companies while designing process system for Indian hospitals?
The Indian hospital management does not take into account or does not allocate good enough budget for the required IT infrastructure and software, which hampers implementation of the best solution for the Hospital. Even after the systems are implemented, the lack of awareness of the medical fraternity regarding the usability of the system loses the purpose of automation.

What kind of business process solutions do you offer for hospitals and physician practice groups?
We have a complete Hospital Information Management System for multispecialty hospitals, with patent management, back office management and integrated finance accounting Similarly we also have solutions for diagnostic centers, Document Management systems and telemedicine.

 Kindly elaborate on companys capabilities to provide quality processes that deliver service consistency in addition to supporting risk-mitigation and service disruption mitigation.
We have a retrospective processes to supervise the entire life cycle of software development, implementation and maintenance. The development is uted using agile methodologies with development stages being debated among the development team, and the updates done in a small incremental proportion. This methodology makes evident in advance the possible shortcomings and loopholes in the process of software development. A constant contact is maintained with the customer to appraise the development strategies and status. This guarantees the best possible delivery of customers expectation and lessens the risk associated with non-conformance of software to the requirement specification dictated by the customer. This ensures us 100 percent customer retention.

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