August 2013

Refurbished Radiology Market Opportunities Galore

Kaushik Shah,
Proprietor, KS Biomed

As the specific need of upgrading existing facilities of a radiology diagnostic set up increases, it obviously increases concerns for investment and also of selecting the modality which is viable for the diagnostic set ups. This situation has lead to a wonderful opportunity for refurbished product solutions in India. Of course along with very few authentic organisations involved in refurbished business, there are many small time un-authentic fly-bynight players who try their luck in this segment. This situation is very fragile for refurbished market as it reduces the confidence in overall refurbished market. That is the reason why face value counts a lot for any supplier in this segment.

Post-sale service
Indian radiology market is price conscious but at the same time investors neither want to compromise in quality nor are they ready to accept any risk factors for service support system. Post sale service is one of the prime worry for anyone who is considering refurbished products. Due to the short term gain oriented companies, this concern has grown very high in current time when refurbished market is grown to the level of an industry in itself. This is the main reason why it is important for any buyer to consider overall service and commitment of the organisation from which they are buying. One need an experienced team of engineers and enough updated spare stock as part of support system. Also more number of satisfied  customers adds very strategic value to develop confidence of new customers. Other aspect that works very well to increase face value of an organisation is the specialisation on selected products. As the focus of sales and service support remains for few selected products only, one can plan better procurement and maintenances in much customer centric way.

Mammography and BMD (DEXA)
In current time, majority of diagnostic set ups are already equipped with XRay, Ultrasound, CT and MRIs. They are left with two choices only. Either to upgrade there current modality which is in use or else consider investing  in additional modality like mammography, BMD, OPG and others which normally was not taken initially considering high cost of equipment and low viability risks. We realised need of this concept and completely redefined equations of owning costly modalities like mammography and BMD (DEXA). There were many players in CT and MRI refurbished segment but none in this segment four years back. Also traditionally mammography and BMD (DEXA) equipments are very sturdy, easy to maintain and relatively easy and cost-effective for maintaining spare inventory. Ageing of equipment does not become an issue in these two modalities unlike CT and MRI where old equipments are considered old generation units with limited life. More so, in Mammography and BMD(DEXA), the quality of hardware and upgraded software versions make them so perfect for current time that there remains hardly any actual need of investing in new age units. With many successfully installations all over India of mammography and BMD (DEXA) over the years, the market is opening up to the growing needs of same in all segments of radiology in rural and urban segments as well. These two modalities also have lots of value in developing a single diagnostic center with a onestop solution for a complete radiology set-up. In sync with market trends, we specialise in mammography and BMD (DEXA) systems for refurbished segment with some very specific need based solution for high end colour doppler.

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