One of famous hospitals in Pune, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH) on Wednesday, organised a rally to spread awareness about breast cancer. The hospital staff participated in the rally along with people from surrounding areas. October is observed as the breast cancer awareness month.

“Early detection is vital for the cure of breast cancer. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget or shy away from check ups or talking about it or do self uation. Hence this year we decided to urge the women to feel comfortable and to talk about the disease with their doctors and get a check up done”, said Rekha Dubey, chief operating officer (COO) of ABMH.

According to the statistics breast cancer affects 25 per cent to 32 per cent of all female cancer patients in all major cities. The disease is no longer associated with women above the age of 60; according to the study 52 per cent of breast cancer patients are below 50 years.Though common amongst women, breast cancer can affect men as well.

“I am here to support the cause of breast cancer and create awareness among all, especially women to go for regular check ups to ensure early detection and treatment,” said one of the lady nurses, during the rally.

Elaborating, ABMH’s oncosurgeon Rakesh Neve said, “Blame modern lifestyle, but breast cancer has overtaken cervical cancer in India. According to Indian Council for Medical Research ( ICMR), the incidence of breast cancer is on the rise while cervical cancer is beginning to come down.”

“ICMR studies show that incidence of breast cancer has nearly doubled in the last 24 years. One in every 22 women is likely to suffer from breast cancer. In India, almost 80 per cent patients are in advanced stages when they come to hospitals. Social taboos regarding breast cancer prevent women from talking to friends and families, let alone doctors,” Neve said

“The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has projected that India could see around 250,000 new cases by 2015.Hence its very important that women go for regular check ups after 30 to ensure early detection and cure”, he added.

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