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Complex heart surgeries made Safer

Patients who suffer from heart diseases along with other health problems like increased age, high blood pressure, diabetes etc are often scared about the complexity involved in their treatment.
As the person grows older, he is likely to become a victim of many health problems. If a person is of 75 years or more, the bodys immune system and function of organs like lungs, brain and kidney start getting weak. If the body is already affected by any other disease, the bypass surgery gets complicated and the possibility of recovery of the patient is lessened.


The risk involved in such surgeries is around 5 %. However, the use of beating heart surgery, MECC or centrifugal pump device and fast track anesthesia can make heart surgery safe. Incidentally, Dr. Pavan Kumar is the first surgeon to use centrifugal pump device in western India in 1988. MECC perfusion system was introduced in India for the first time this year at Lilavati Hospital. Both these systems have increased safety factors tremendously in risky heart surgeries.
These are very common associated diseases in heart patients. Problems due to hypertension, smoking, tobacco use, alcohol use, high cholesterol, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet increase the risk of heart diseases. They cause severe damage to the arteries all over the body. Blockage takes place in the arteries, as well as, new disorders crop up. Under such circumstances, strict control of BP and diabetes recommended by specialists gives much required safety to patient undergoing heart surgery.

If the heart has sustained several attacks directly or indirectly, and its pumping capacity has been reduced to 25 % or less, a bypass operation becomes complicated. Under such circumstances, the presence of an experienced surgeon is a guarantee of success. In these patients mortality is normally 4 % and beyond as per international standards depending upon co-existing diseases/ infirmities/morbidity. However the use of heart support devices, IABP and on pump beating heart CABG has made it safe.
Many a times, a patient requires this double procedure due to advanced stage of disease. This takes double the time as these patients are unwell and makes the surgery risky. (Mortality is around 10-12% as per international standards). But, the use of latest heart protection methods and normothermic perfusion with centrifugal pump keeps heart safe during this very long operation lasting more than 6 hours.


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