Hygienic environment and patient privacy is now important facilities that a patient is looking for now days. As per advancement of time, technology is the solution for growing market in fabrics for health care sectors

Window Techs (India) Pvt Ltd is suggesting fire retardant anti-microbial textile, this  special fabric reduces the formation and growth of bacteria by adding carrier bound silver to the fiber polymer. The  antimicrobial properties, as well as the permanently flame retardant polyester fibers constitute the basis for a new generation of functional textiles “ their flame  retardant properties release hardly any toxic fumes in the event of fire. This textile can be use in any form, where textile  comes in any healthcare/public building. Window techs has a unique fabric which is fire retardant and anti microbial  for patient privacy and facade window, which may be used in public and medical uniform also.

In Hospital Infrastructure India 2011 Conference which was just held in Mumbai Dr R Chandrasekhar Chief Architect at DGHS says any of products and equipment that we are using in healthcare or any other public sectors  should have flame retardant. That is applicable for textile also, as we already saw  in AMRI hospital case smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death in victims  of indoor fires. In Dr Chandrasekhars suggestions we already have anti microbial and flame retardant fabric which can  reduces the formation and growth of bacteria, as well as the permanently flame retardant polyester fibers constitute  the basis for a new generation of functional textiles “ their flame retardant properties release hardly any toxic fumes in the event of fire.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial fabrics

Antibacterial fabrics are typically the heavier, 12 ounce fabrics. They come in a wide range of solid and subtly patterned colors and they are ideal for any type of medical facility. The antibacterial component is applied to the curtains to help to minimise and reduce the growth  of fungi, molds and mildew that can develop in any type of an indoor environment. In addition antibacterial treatment  of hospital privacy curtains can help control the growth of MRSA, which  is a very virulent and treatment resistant form of staph infection. Antimicrobial fabrics offer many of the same benefits  as the antibacterial fabrics. This fabric, when used as hospital privacy  curtains, resists mold, mildew and bacteria growth but it also has stain and odor release properties that make them durable and long lasting.

It is non-toxic and harmless which will not pollute the environment. Eco intelligent polyester is the first polyester with all environmentally safe ingredients, including a new catalyst that replaces the heavy metal antimony, a known toxin. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances  and Disease Registry, Breathing high levels for a long time can irri- tate your eyes and lungs and can cause heart and lung problems, stomach pain,  diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach ulcers.

Features of hospital privacy curtains

The most important feature of good hospital privacy curtains is that they are well constructed and the fabric used is effective as a privacy barrier. This is essential for compliance with many fire regulations and safety protocols in hospitals, doctors offices and patient care facilities. Hospital privacy curtains can  also be important in setting the tone or the environment within a specific examination  or treatment area. Patterns that include subtle colors, natural motifs and  colors found in nature are always popular and will match almost any neutral or natural type color scheme.

As per Vishal Saraf, Managing Director, Window Techs India Pvt Ltd Concerns the success of this preventative approach depends primarily on using an antimicrobial agent that is  effective, safe, fire retardant, durable, affordable, and adaptable to a variety of materials.

Vishal Saraf
Managing Director, Window Techs India Pvt Ltd

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