Researchers develop imaging technique for breast cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have developed an imaging technique that can show whether breast cancer treatment is working weeks before current methods. The scientists developed two biomarkers in conjunction with GE healthcare that can be used to determine if the cancer cells are responding to chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin. The first marker, [1-13C]-pyruvate, shows whether Doxorubicin is damaging the DNA of cancer cells, while the second, [1,4-13C2]-fumarate, shows whether Doxorubicin is killing them. When the researchers used these biomarkers to analyse the breast cancer cells in lab tests and in mice, they were able to identify the early signs that indicated that the tumours were responding to Doxorubicin. Lead researcher Kevin Brindle said that there is a need to develop imaging methods that can detect treatment response more accurately.

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