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SevenHills Health City Technology for Better Patient Care

SevenHills Group has over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector. It is one of


SevenHills Group has over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector. It is one of the first paperless hospitals in India, providing quality healthcare and valuable expertise

By Suresh Kumar

The SevenHills hospital in Visakhapatnam is a comprehensive healthcare multi-specialty tertiary care services to more than 50 million people across six states – Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and parts of West Bengal and Bihar. The group currently has two hospitals, located in the cities of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The hospital has been providing affordable healthcare services at the highest level for the past 25 years. In Mumbai, SevenHills health city is a 1500 bedded multi-specialty tertiary care facility. The hospital is built on a sprawling area of 17 acres with 2 million sq.ft built up area and is unarguably India’s largest private healthcare service provider. The hospital in Mumbai also ensures affordable and quality healthcare services in a patient friendly environment with strong belief in ethical and transparent medical practices supported by a world class integrated healthcare delivery system.


SevenHills offers state of the art in-patient and out-patient facilities, focusing on the comfort and safety of patients and their loved ones. The hospital offers cutting edge technology for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It is the only hospital in India having escalators and high speed elevators to ensure fast and smooth connectivity.

SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai is one of the first paperless hospitals in India. Gone are the days of hand-scrawled notes, scribbled prescriptions, big charts, patient queues, and lost patient records. Today, all this information and critical details are no more than a click away. Realising how IT is fast bringing a makeover of the healthcare industry and changing the face of traditional doctor-patient relationship, the management at SevenHills wanted to implement technology to gain optimum operational efficiency.

With three decades of experience in healthcare, instead of first building a process and then implementing a hospital information system, the hospital built in all the processes with SevenHills e-Health, the e-Healthcare suite.

SevenHills e-Health is a healthcare IT solutions company with a strong healthcare domain. The SevenHills e-Health HIS caters to the needs of the hospital and makes the usage as simple as possible for the doctors and the medical staff. The emphasis is laid to use the HIS system for all functions in the hospital. SevenHills hospitals have implemented a one-stop data warehouse of records of patients and treatment histories that can be consulted by authorised experts, keeping patient confidentiality uppermost in mind. With SevenHills e-Health the hospital has integrated almost all processes in the hospital, right from the front office registration to doctor consultation, investigations, the complete in-patient treatment, more so even the collection management. Among the many modules implemented, the main ones are operations, inventory, clinical collection management, marketing & forecast, PACS, workforce management and integration with finance are all seamlessly connected and are available at a press of a button to the designated staff.

Every patient at SevenHills hospital is allocated a unique health identification number (UHID) along with a registration card. This UHID provides the complete details of the patient’s medical history as recorded in HIS at any point of time during subsequent visits. Once the patient gets registered they are then directed to a Medical Officer who captures the patient’s problem, history, allergies and vitals and records in SevenHills e-Healthcare suite. Based on the data collected the medical officer refers the patient to the concerned doctor. When the patient meets the doctor, all their details collected by the medical officer appear on the doctor dashboard and the doctor can view the vitals and the history of the patient entered thereby can immediately work on diagnoses of the patient.

This process allows doctors to concentrate more on diagnosis. The e-Healthcare suite is equipped to allow doctors to access results of all tests, images from radiology and so on anywhere and at anytime. With SevenHills e-health, now the doctor raises the lab orders/ service orders/ medication orders for the patients directly in the system, which reduces the errors as it is the doctor feeding the data themselves. At SevenHills hospital the complete hospital workflow, right from patient registration to discharge, including consultation, prescription, investigations, doctor and nursing notes, billing, inventory management are now automated.

Patient safety in terms of correct medication, correct dose, allergies to various drugs, etc is taken care of by SevenHills e-Health suite. PACS is integrated, so all the images are available online for all who have the administration rights to access the data. This in turn helps to create a paperless environment, where doctors and other medical staff can access online in a more cost-effective, secured and accurate manner.

The aim is to enhance patient safety with generation of instant alerts and reducing medication errors. This system has eliminated the need for large medical record charts as everything has been posted online with due care for data security.

The SevenHills e-Health system is fully secured; no unauthorised user can access the patient’s records. The doctors can access the results of all tests, images from radiology and other patient details using their ID. Images of radiology, endoscopy, and echocardiography can also be accessed by doctors anytime within few clicks. At any point in time, real-time data is available from the ICU and bedside monitors in the hospital.

At SevenHills health city each ICU bed has a bedside system. The nurses and doctor’s access and update patient vitals and details on the HIS real time.

One of the unique technologies at SevenHills health city is the pneumatic tubes in the hospital connecting the wards to the laboratory and pharmacy.

IT implementation at SevenHills Health City

Token generation for Patient Queue Management at OPD, Lab and Pharmacy; Digital Signage Solution at the waiting area for each doctor has the waiting token displayed. Besides that the display signage displays education of better health care; Computer on wheels (COWS), Laptops, smart hand-helds in the wards for nurses and doctors to track and enter the data real time. Bedside computer for all the critical care beds to capture real time data; deployed Wi-Fi across the hospital; centralised inventory management with the help of Pneumatic tube across the hospital; two way audio-video communication facility between the operation theatres and 300 seater auditorium and 150 seater saeminar hall in the hospital.Speech enabled e-Healthcare Suite increases physician satisfaction and supports hands-on or hands-off clinical documentation.

The roadmap ahead

SevenHills hospitals is working to implement a portal for making online registrations, lab/investigation reservations, payment gateway and online information availability to the patients about their complete health history in the hospital. The hospital is also going to deploy RTLS(Real Time Location System) which will help to improve patient safety and the quality of care by reporting whereabouts of the patient at all times, and also it can be helpful in asset tracking.

Suresh Kumar

SevenHills Group

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