September 2011


If the government has to make 'Health for All' a reality, it has to leapfrog the infrastructure gap of hospitals and healthcare centers using technology

By Rachita Jha

Telemedicine is not new to the country and has evolved in its technology and reach over the years. In addition to the global optimism on the telemedicine equipments market, the article aims to find out the market trends, innovations in video conferencing solutions for telemedicine in India.

The cost of healthcare delivery for government around the world is on the rise as they negotiate challenges such as access, quality, and lack of doctors, nurses and hospitals. If we continue on the current model of brick and mortar traditional healthcare services, it would take decades before any country can train enough medical professionals and caregivers or build enough hospitals to solve these challenges. Video conferencing as a technology is fast catching pace among the corporate houses and has also found its rightful place in the healthcare sector as the popular platform for interaction between doctors and patients remotely located in space and time. Technology today makes it possible for a patient ailing in a far-flung village in a state to connect with the leading doctor in a super specialty hospital and get tele-consultations at much lower cost.

Although in India, the telemedicine equipments market is still at a nascent stage; globally the telemedicine industry is experiencing excellent growth rates and is poised for a CAGR of around 19 percent during 2010

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