Research for Nanotech in Bangalore by Wipro

Wipro, in collaboration with Belgian research institute IMEC is setting up a high-end nanotechnology R&D centre in Bangalore. The centre will focus on developing next generation intelligence systems for use in the healthcare, energy, and imaging and vision which include body area networks, which patients can wear and walk around, while real time data is directly transmitted to hospitals or doctors. In India we need to plan pioneer prototypes for new solutions, using the open innovation model in order to find clever solutions closer to patients. The project is partly funded by the Belgian government, IMEC does nano-technology research in areas like ICT, healthcare, low power energy solutions all over the world, with 85% of it’s about Euro 300 million revenues come from industry collaboration. Indian industry finds the value proposition interesting, but there’s no doubt that any R&D for the Indian market has to address the cost proposition. It will be up to us to prove to companies that we can deliver. The centre has plans to have about 60 scientists and systems engineers Wipro over 3 years. IMEC will send a core team of its scientists to work in the centre. IMEC’s focus on finding solutions that can be easily adapted by industry, which is one of the drivers for setting up the India centre. IMEC’s focus is not just on R&D, but the joint venture will combine IMEC’s chip design and research capabilities with Wipro’s systems engineering skills.

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