iPads turning into professional tool for doctors

Since gadget-happy doctors got their hands on the iPad last year, many have turned it from a toy into a professional tool. It can help to avoid mistakes by knowing more about the patient when asked to make a decision. Experts see great potential in using the iPad to educate patients on their conditions and treatment. Actually, graphics and the accessibility the iPad is giving doctors are saving lives. They help doctors convince patients that they really need surgery when, for example, they’re suffering from a condition like a leaking heart valve that leaves them weak but not really feeling ill. Despite all the benefits, many hospital and healthcare technologists are still trying to sort out where the iPad and other mobile devices fit into their medical bags. Ensuring information security and protecting patient privacy both loom large in the context of devices that can easily walk out the door. If it’s a doctor’s personal device, rather than hospital property, it’s going to exit at the end of every shift. While that lets the doctor quickly look up medical records when called at home or at a restaurant, it also opens up the possibility that the device will be left behind on a restaurant table.


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